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Packages of inexpensive flashlights can be found on sale in stores, or online. The larger plastic ones can be decorated jewel stickers and a permanent marker (a good place to add Isaiah 7 verse: "On them has the light shined.")

After each student makes their flashlight, you can go back in the dark room and play some fun rounds of "find the object."  Have them turn off their lights while you toss out an object for them to find, such as, a Bible. You can also have them see how fast they can turn on their lights and find a fellow student, or find your foot.

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Is 9 "The people who have walked in darkness have seen a great light."

Have your older kids make this verse display in the hallway use lights.

Light Idea One:

Place several 'clamp lamps' on a tall stand or pole in your hallway pointing across the hallway from a bulletin board display made out of aluminum foil (so that the foil reflects the lights).  Paint on the foil using florescent paints so that the Bible verse and images of "people" (on whom the light is shining) really pop.

Light Idea Two:

Glue tin foil over a large piece of cardboard. Carefully poke small holes through the cardboard that spell out the words of this verse. Push christmas light through the holes to make a light up verse sign. (If you don't glue down the foil it will tear when you go to push lights through the holes in the cardboard.) 

You may choose a shorter verse, such as, "on them has the light shined."

Light Idea Three:

Use light idea #2 above but have the kids make their OWN take-home light display. Most families have spare strings of lights to either bring in ahead of time, or finish at home.

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