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Jesus Birth Through The Eyes of Isaiah – Art Idea


Names of Jesus Stained Glass


Based on the scripture in Isaiah 9:6 have the children work together to make a Names of Jesus Stained Glass Window.  Using blank overhead transparencies, have each child make their own part of the window.


Have them either choose one of the names found in Isaiah 9:6 (Wonderful Counselor, Prince of Peace etc.) or assign different names to different children.  You can have more than one child working on the same name. 


Have them use different colored permanent markers to write the name of Jesus and then draw a picture that fits the name.  You can also choose to paint with translucent (see through) paints.  I've painted with flourescent 'fabric' paint (the kind you can purchase in squeeze bottles, like fabric paint) and it is nicely translucent when brushed thin.


Each transparency can then be framed with black construction paper and attached together to look like one large stained glass which could then be displayed somewhere in the church. 


They can be taped to windows or glass door if your church has them available.



Some panels or sections of the 'stained glass' can be made out of tin foil squares. You can use the same paint on tin foil. Makes a bright & shiny surface.  Experiment first. Don't use too much paint or put it on too thick. Have a blow-dryer to encourage drying.


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