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Christmas Tree Made Up of the Many Names of Jesus

Neil - love your Christmas Tree Idea.

I remember seeing a Christmas Tree Card made up of the names of Jesus and found this example:

Tree - names of Jesus


A portion of the Christmas Tree card is displayed at left, just to give you an ideas of how it could appear. Not showing the whole tree because of copyright issues.


Possible Ways to Make the Tree:

  1. Someone who works with wood in the church could cobble up a base and tree center.   Then cut out varying lengths of flat wood (branches) that could be attached to either side of the main tree frame.
    If the branches were flat they could be pre-painted a bright colour like yellow.   Then have the kids place their particular Jesus name on a branch using stickers.  Paint over the stickers with a darker colour, then remove stickers, maybe with twizzers?  Not much artistic value for the kids, but maybe someone can come up with a better medium to add the names.
  2. Someone who works with wood in the church could cobble up a base and tree center.   Then collect branches and attach them directly to frame.
    Have someone make wooden ornaments with ribbons for hanging.  They could all be the same shape or different.  On these the child write a name for Jesus and then hang it on a branch of the tree.  Again need a fun medium to write/put the names on the ornaments.
  3. Both ideas, depending on the size of your tree could involve the entire congregation.


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  • Tree - names of Jesus
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