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Advent Wreath

We made these several years ago and still use it in the church during advent season, rather than a flashy expensive advent wreath.  We wanted the kids to see the value of it and to encourage them to use their creation at home during advent.

I sent home advent readings for the kids but I did not create them so I've not attached. But, thinking someone could come up with readings that uses scripture from Isaiah for the readings.

We did it over two Sunday as I had the children paint the toilet roll tubes the first week.  If you pre-painted these they could be done in one Sunday.

Objectives:   Children will make an Advent Wreath.  They will also take home an Advent Wreath Handout explaining the tradition behind the advent wreath and an advent program to use at home with the children.  Children will leave with a full understanding of Advent and the meaning behind the wreath.


  • wicker plates (one of each child) – or something for a base
  • Styrofoam® sheet about 1” thick x 36” long?? green – one sheet does about 10 children, cut into even squares, edges need to be cut off depending on wicker plate size they choose
  • Toilet Tissue Rolls
  • Rehetech Paint (pink & purple & white)
  • Paintbrushes & Glass of water to thin thickness of paint, if necessary
  • Glue Gun & Glue Sticks
  • White Glue in individual containers
  • LCD (Battery) Tea Lights (will need 5 per child) – parents buy them
  • Plastic or silk greenery (garlands) – got from Michael’s two garlands, one with holly & berries and one with gold poinsettia’s
  • Aluminium Pie Plates
  • Pens/Pencils/Painters Tape
  • Paper Towels
  • Apples, angels, presents, pine cones (extra ornaments to put on wreath) got from dollar (Dollarama) store
  • Individual Stickers (if you can find them saying – Hope, Peace, Joy, Love)


Advent wreath requires 2 Sundays to complete and were given out on the third Sunday when the glue had a chance to dry completely.

First Sunday
  1. Have a sample made and go over with children what each part represents on the advent wreath – use the Advent Handout for guidance. Editor's note: This Advent Handout is not included with this idea due to copyright reasons.
  2. All the children need to have on a paint shirt – we use old shirts and blouses put on backwards with one button done up and the sleeved rolled up enough that they can work easily but keep their arms free from paint.
  3. Next hand each child an aluminium plate.  Give them each a piece of painter’s tape and write their name on it and stick it on the inside bottom of the plate. 
  4. Give each child a paper towel, 5 toilet roll tubes, and a paintbrush.  Have the three colours of paint in several small containers (glad containers with lids work well and clean up easily).  Have them paint 1 white, 1 pink, and 3 purple.  Show them if they put their fingers inside they can hold it and not get too much paint on their hands.  Have them place painted candles on their pie plate and set aside to dry for the next Sunday.  Children can either switch paintbrushes (colours) who if you have extra hands they can be washed between colours.

Second Sunday

  1. In advance I cut apart the garlands and placed the individual pieces into containers.  I also opened up the ornaments (angles, apples, presents, etc) and placed in containers.  I made a list of how many of each item the children could have and as we finished each section I told them how many of the next item they could have and if they needed to place it in a certain spot (like the angel).
  2. Each child should have a glue pot (we used white glue in glad containers with lids).
  3. Have each child pick out a wicker plate (the ones we had were different colours).  Once they pick out a wicker plate, hand it to the teacher and she will take a piece of hard foam, cut it to fit (cutting corners off as necessary, then with the glue gun glue it to the centre of the plate) and hand it back to the child.
  4. Give them their candles they painted the previous week and have them remove the tape and place it on the outside rim of their wicker plate and hand back in the aluminium plates as they will no longer be needed.
  5. They need to press their candles into the foam like the ones are in the sample, press and then use a rocking motion (works best).  Note:  the foam is not round so it is o.k. to have only half your candle in the foam.  Do not press right through the foam, only need about a ¼”. Now remove each candle dip into the white glue, twirl a little to catch any falling glue, then place candle back into foam into holes already made.
  6. Next each child received 3 gold poinsettias.  They were shown to fold up the leaves and just dip the stem into the glue, then press the poinsettia’s glued stem into the foam.
  7. Next each child received 5 berry leaves with attached berries and dip into glue and press into foam.
  8. Next each child received several leaves and dip into glue and press into foam on top or into the sides of the foam. As they work they slowly try to fill all the bare places so that eventually none of the green foam shows.
  9. Lastly they are given the ornaments to add and we went over the meaning behind each – I asked first to see if they remembered what it represented and expanding on those answers.
         Present (mini wrapped gift) – Best Christmas Present of All is JESUS.
         Pinecone - symbolize life and resurrection.
         Angel – the third candle (pink) is also called the Angel Candle (placed on the pink candle)
         Apple – represents the first sin by Adam & Eve in the garden of Eden, Jesus came to take away our sins.
  10. Sickers (if you found any) – Hope, Peace, Joy & Love – place on each candle.  Note:  place on correct candles!
  11. Wreaths were put on shelf to be picked up after Sunday school the following Sunday.  We decided this as the white glue does not dry instantly and we thought they’d make it home in one piece if they were well dried.  Before the kids come on Sunday you can test each one by turning upside down, if you lose any pieces, use glue gun prior to kids picking up.

Art 2006 Advent Wreath 1

Art 2006 Advent Wreath 2

Art 2006 Advent Wreath 4


Images (3)
  • Art 2006 Advent Wreath 1
  • Art 2006 Advent Wreath 2
  • Art 2006 Advent Wreath 4
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