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Names of Jesus Ornament Project

Generally speaking, I avoid "the ornament at Christmas time CRAFT project."  They tend to be devoid of lesson content. But here are TWO examples of doing an ornament project that's connected to scripture and has "continue the lesson at home" quality.

Some of the art techniques described in various posts above could be applied to these ornament projects.

We are doing these projects at our church this year. Thanks to everyone's art inspirations above!!

Names of Jesus Ornament:

Purchase large glass balls, and illustrate them with the Names from Isaiah 7 and 9.

These can go on the church's tree, and at least one goes home with the kids.

Others could be given to members. I like that.

First, outline the design with permanent marker, then use paint pen to fill in. Apply blow=dryer to hasten the drying process.

Names of Jesus Tree Topper

A multi-sided star gives you many sections to write/illustrate the names of Jesus/Messiah on them.

There are many ways materials you can use to make a large star suitable for a family's Christmas tree.  The easiest is to cut two stars out of foam board, and then cut a slot up one of them so that it slides down on the other one. When cutting the one star, leave a tail on it so that it can stick down in the top branches of the tree, or... get a bag of those big fat drink straws (or something similar) and slit the top of the straw so that it forms a holder/stem to hold the star in the top of the tree.


Mock up



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