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Reply to "Article: In Defense of Doo-dads and Clucking Chickens (and other teaching methods Jesus wouldn't recognize)"

Thanks for sharing!


one thing I discovered when we were homeschooling is that directing my daughter's fidgeting helped her to focus.

For example, she was allowed to chew gum.

I have also seen suggestions of letting children tap their pencils (rubber eraser end) on the desk to help them focus.


Those ideas can be extended into lesson planning -- such as

  • a red-hot candy while talking about Isaiah and his unclean lips being touched by a hot coal (Isaiah 6 - birth of Jesus)
  • rhythm and tapping to accompany a story about building the tabernacle or temple
  • beat boxing and writing a simple wrap to retell a story
  • doodling key items/thoughts/objects from a story to help remember and retell a story


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