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Attending the Worship Service as one of the Workshops Kids rotate into

Editor's Note:

Some Rotation Sunday Schools have a "worship gathering" prior to the start of workshops.

Some create a "Worship Workshop" where they combine song, games, reflection, and movement to conduct worship with the Rotation's Bible story as the central scripture and message.

Other churches that hold adult worship at the same time as children's Sunday School have a need to get kids into worship and learn how to worship. So what they've been experimenting with "rotating" one group of kids per week into the worship service with the teacher.  This will often include special preparation. 

This topic is discussing that experiment of rotating a group a week into adult worship.


If your Sunday School and Worship Service are held at the same time, could doing some worship education and then taking a class back into to 'adult' worship be one of your workshops?   

That would make this "workshop" not part of the Rotation's story, but more of a worship education class. A worthy idea.


Carol Posted:

I would like to hear from those of you that are using "attending worship" as a weekly Workshop.

We have 6 groups of kids (1st through 6th grade) and offer 6 workshops each week. Our Rotations are 4 weeks long. (Groups miss various workshops each month but it has worked out ok.) Our biggest group - 1st grade - runs around 20 kids - 20 very active kids! We need to split the group, thus creating 7 groups of kids.

Big problem: no room to add a 7th workshop every week.

Potential solution - the 7th workshop is attend church service with your family.

We can see a lot of good in this idea but tell me about how it's worked for you. What are the potential logistical, or other, problems.

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