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Fisher’s of Men Parachute Game

I came up with this parachute game for VBS a few years ago.
  • Parachute (size will depend on the number of children you expect, 6', 10', 12', 20' - size indicates handles as well).Toy Foam Fish
  • 8 Sponge Sea Creatures (pictured - hand size water toys - usually sold individually or in a pair, in stores during summer season)
  • Name Tags  (sticky back)
  • CD Player
  • CD – Gospel Light Kid’s Bible Fun Songs - #8
    - “I Want To Follow Jesus” has a nice beachy sound or any call of disciples song you have.

Advance Prep:

  • Write out name of Disciple on a name tag – do one for each Disciple (if you have more than 12 children or less – either write more tags of each name or put double tags on children to use up all 12 or if you only have a very small number of children pick major disciple's names you want to focus on).
  • Write up a list of disciples names and leave room to check off each time you call, so you don’t miss calling any of the disciple's names!
  • Have parachute laid out prior to class in centre of floor.
  • Have sponge fish creatures in bucket ready to toss into parachute.
  • Have CD Player ready with song queued.

To Play:

Give each child a disciple name tag (or two - if you have less than 12 children) to wear.

  1. Tell them they are going to become Fisher’s of Men – they will leave their nets and everything they own behind and go and tell the Good News.
  2. While the music plays they will try to shake all fish out of the net. 
  3. PAUSE MUSIC when the last fish flies out. EVERYONE FREEZES.
    If they hear their disciple's NAME they must let go of the net and run around collecting fish (making THEM fisher’s of men) and TOSS them back into the net, then GO back to an open HANDLE around the net. 
  5. Optional: Children whose names are not called need to sing the chorus to song, found below, while other children are collecting fishers of men.
  6. START MUSIC, continue until everyone has had their disciple's named called at least twice.
  7. For added fun - call out names of people who were not part of the 12 Disciples - Moses, David, Daniel, Jonah, name of a teacher, and so forth. 
    If you call out Jonah, they have to throw up the parachute and sit under it (being swallowed!)


 The 12 Disciples Song 

(Sung to the tune of Jesus Loves Me)

Jesus called them one by one,
Peter, Andrew, James and John,
Then came Philip, Thomas too,
Matthew and Bartholomew.


Yes, Jesus called them. Yes, Jesus called them.
Yes, Jesus called them, and they followed him.

James his brother Thaddeus,
Simon then came Judas.
Twelve disciples here in all,
Following the Master’s call.

Note:  there are some good discussions/questions in the ART forum that talk about how they can talk to others about Jesus that would be a good follow up to this game.


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