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Reply to "Bible Skills & Games Workshop Lessons and Ideas for David and Goliath"

Forest Hill United Church posted:

It is unfortunate that the questions for the game are not included with the lesson plan.  If the closing discussion questions are intended to be "the questions at the end of the lesson plan", then they are neither conducive to the question-and-answer format of the game nor numerous enough to have at least one question for each potential player.

CathyWalz posted:

To the folks at Forest Hill  (and to others gleaning the website for ideas),

I find it helpful to broaden my search.  Even if you are looking for ideas for a specific workshop, you might find some good ideas or discussion questions by looking in the forums devoted to other workshops.  If, in your search, you see that there are complete lesson sets on a particular Bible story, then definitely check those out. 

In this particular case, go to "Lessons and Resources" > "Lessons: Samuel, Kings, Chronicles" > "David and Goliath".  Once you are on the David and Goliath page, scroll down to the bottom (you will scroll further down from this forum on Bible Skills and Games).  You will see that there are two complete lessons sets--one by Creative Carol and one by Amy Crane.  They both have games workshops with either questions listed in the lessons or links to questions.

Hope that this helps!


Hey Margie and Cathy,

I agree with you Margie that it's too bad the questions weren't in the lesson. I'm pretty sure this lesson is quite a bit older than 2013 and was moved here during one of our renovations. The questions may have been lost then.  

However, after looking at your comments and reading the lesson, I felt the lesson could be improved, and so I modified the lesson in a way that DID NOT require questions. 

Instead, as you can see in the lesson plan above, I re-purposed and labeled the Goliath target holes to elicit responses/discussion by the students when they get their "Rock in a Sock" in that particular hole.

The kids provide the content for two of the target holes. And I've added a written instruction for the third "Story Trivia" hole that has the teacher coming up with a question from their open Bible based on the student standing in front of them. This allows the teacher to craft a question to the student's capability. As we all know, some of our kids are more "Bible smart" or have better recall than others. I hate to have an irregular attender feel "stupid" in these quizzes, and this "come up with the question on the fly" approach allows the teacher to avoid that!

I also took the lesson away from the traditional "killing Goliath....glorifying God," bent, to interpret the story more personally ("our giants") and less violently.     Finally, I added the reflection that picks upon the added game idea of "ways to feel/get close to God."  I also modified the Rotation Editor's "alternate reflection" ... "story rock" to reflect this "God is bigger than our problems" idea.

If you have suggestions for improvement, please add them!

I am grateful to have had Jan and the Rotation Editor's ideas to build upon. Everything at is a work in progress.


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