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Reply to "BIBLE SKILLS & GAMES Workshop Lessons and Ideas for Beatitudes"

Board/Race Game

Here's a quick "board/race game" that CONTRASTS what the Beatitudes say about "true happiness" and what the world says makes you happy.


Here's how we set up this quick game after our Bible study:


1. We quickly taped about 20 pieces of colorful construction paper on the floor, about 2 feet apart and going from a Start to a Finish.


2. We had a spinner with 3 options on it:  

(1) What God say makes for happiness/good-life, 
(2) What the World (television, friends, magazines**) say makes for happiness/good-life.

(3) Something that makes you happy or feel good


3. We had a square cardboard "game cube" or "dice" that the kids rolled to see how many squares they could advance. Advance 1, 2 or 3 were on three of the dice sides. One dice side said, "go back 1 space," one said, "go back two spaces."  And the sixth side said, "advance a friend 1 space."


How to play:

One at a time kids spin and answer the question on the spinner. If they don't within ten seconds, they lose their turn. If they answer, they then roll the dice to see how many squares they advance.


Prior to playing this "contrasts" game, we did another quick project:  flipping through MAGAZINES and tearing out images that represent what the "world thinks makes people happy."  We quickly glued them to a posterboard, but didn't need to. It was a SETUP for the game.

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