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Queen Esther 

Games Idea


Summary of Idea: 

Play Bible Basketball. Included are game instructions and game questions.


  • Basketball hoop (could be a small kids portable hoop; “nerf” hoop to hang over the door; or a full size, outside- “Little Tike’s” worked best for us)
  • Basketball (to go with your hoop) 
  • Air pump – (in case your ball goes flat during the week)
  • Chalkboard/chalk (or paper/pen)
  • Bibles – for reference
  • Masking tape – to make the shooting line/lines
  • Trivia questions



  1. Divide into teams (? Two or three teams – number off – boys against the girls – pick teams – names out of a hat)
  2. Each team answers a question. If they get it right (from memory), one person from that team gets two chances to make a basket. If they get it right with help of a reference (bible – or multiple-choice), they get one chance to make a basket. If they get it wrong, no chances for a basket. (For the younger kids, they get two chances for a basket even if they use the multiple-choice or reference.) 
  3. Alternate teams for the trivia. Let each person have a chance to make baskets. (Alternate turns)
    Have each team select a “captain” that will give the final answer. (This will help so you don’t get multiple people telling you different answers.)
  4. Encourage teamwork.  If you have a player who is particularly uncoordinated or has a disability, make up some goofy rule or alternate target they can hit with the ball or "guess" at.  Or have a stack of cards with "wild rules" on them, such as, "shoot with your eyes closed and get a question if you hit the backboard."  This kind of random equalization takes the pressure off.
  5. If you have players who claim to be really good at shooting baskets, 'handicap' them by telling them they have to shoot with their opposite hand. 


  • 10 points for each correct answer without a reference (from memory)
  • 5 points for each correct answer with a reference (exception for younger kids – they always get 10 points for correct answers)
  • 2 points for every basket made

Have fun! Adjust game rules and points to help everyone have fun and not feel uncoordinated.

Esther's Trivia Questions:


Read the questions in order.

  1. King Xerxes was the king of what area/country? (Persia, India to Ethiopia, 127 provinces) Esther 1: 1-2
  2. Mordecai raised Esther after her parents died. How was Mordecai related to Esther? (Cousin, Esther was the daughter of his uncle) Esther 2: 7
  3. When it was Esther’s turn to meet King Xerxes, she dressed in beautiful clothes and was taken to the palace. King Xerxes loved Esther more than any of the others. What did the king do next? (He crowned Esther queen and threw a big party!) 2: 17-18
  4. On the advice of Mordecai, Esther kept a secret from the king. What was the secret? (She was a Jew) - 2: 10 or 2: 20
  5. One day as Mordecai was working for the king, he heard two palace guards plotting to kill King Xerxes. What did Mordecai do? (He told Queen Esther about the plot, she told the king) 2: 21-23
  6. What was the name of King Xerxes’ Prime Minister – the second in command? (Haman – if they say Mordecai, ask who was the Prime Minister before Mordecai?) 3: 1
  7. The king ordered all the people to show their respect to Haman. What were they suppose to do? (Bow down to Haman) 3: 2
  8. Who would not bow down to Haman? (Mordecai) 3: 2
  9. Extra Credit: In the Bible, who else refused to bow down – to a king? (Shadrach, Meshach, & Abednego in the fiery furnace)
  10. Haman was angry because Mordecai would not bow down to him. He talked the king into killing Mordecai and others. Haman cast lots/dice to pick a day that Mordecai would die. Who else would die besides Mordecai? (All the Jews in Persia) 3: 13
  11. When the Jewish people found out about the new law and the killing of the Jews, there was great confusion and weeping. Mordecai sent a message to Queen Esther asking her to do something. What did he want Esther to do? (Go to the king, plead with the king for the lives of the Jewish people) 4: 8
  12. Esther said she would go to the king and beg that her people would live. Before she went, Esther made a request to the Jewish people. What was the request? (Fast and pray for 3 days) 4: 16
  13. King Xerxes had trouble sleeping and read about the time Mordecai saved his life. The king decided to honor Mordecai by giving him a ride on the royal horse, wearing royal robes, and proclaiming before him. Who did the king choose to lead the horse that Mordecai rode? (Haman) 6: 10
  14. Queen Esther went to the king and he allowed her to see him. She asked if the king and Haman would come to dinner that night. They did and she asked again if the king and Haman would dine with her the next night. The following night when they met, what did Queen Esther ask the king? (Save my life and the lives of the Jewish people) 7: 3
  15. What did the king say to Esther’s request? (Yes, the Jews can defend themselves, who would do such a thing, hang Haman) 7: 5-9
  16. After the trouble with Haman, whom did the king appoint as the new Prime Minister? (Mordecai) 8: 1-2
  17. Mordecai suggested a yearly celebration to remember the time of grief and despair turned into a time of joy and happiness. To this day, the Jewish people celebrate Queen Esther’s bravery and God’s faithfulness. What is the name of the festival they celebrate? (“Purim” – the word for ‘lots.' 9: 26-27). Inc. is a volunteer-run, 100% member supported, 501(c)3 non-profit Sunday School lesson ministry. All content here is the copyrighted property of its listed author. You are welcome to borrow and adapt content here for non-commercial teaching purposes --as long as both the site and author is referenced. Posting here implies permission for others to use your content for non-commercial purposes. Inc reserves the right to manage, move, condense, delete, and otherwise improve all content posted to the site. Read our Terms of Service. Google Ad Note: Serving the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, S. Africa, and more! is rated 5 stars on Google based on 55 reviews.