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Neil MacQueen posted:

Here's our "Paul's Journey" maze table in our Bible Skills and Games Workshop at Peace Presbyterian, Bradenton FL.

It's a re-usable game piece. As you can see, the kids labeled the pitfalls/holes and bumpers to fit the lesson understanding of "what it takes" and what the challenges are when following God.  

We are balancing the board on a box and tilting it. We did a lot of modifying as part of the lesson, changing the labels, changing how we worked, or didn't work together, changing the ball, etc. Requires a quick thinking teacher! 

The obstacles/rails on the board were taped in place and could be moved/added to as our discussion unfolded. For example, we added more "prayer and faith" near one difficult spot!  Each addition became a point of comment. Kids suggested many of them and loved modifying the game. The labels were post-it notes that the kids dictated. Ball rolled over them easily.

Such a board, pitfalls, teamwork, someone working against, guards, unhelpful traps, --these could all be re-purposed for many different discussions and ages.

The board is a thin piece of plywood with 1x1 railing screwed to the edge for rigidity. 


I found this YouTube video of a BLUE TARP "team building game" version of the tilting board game. 

As seen, their tarp "board" requires more hands to hold, but I suppose you could also simply attach 1"x1" wood strips to the four edges of the tarp (using a staple gun) so that one student could control each side of the tarp by themselves.  The tarp would be easy to label.  

  • Wilderness Journey Tilting Tarp? 
  • Avoid Sin Tarp?
  • Church working together to solve problems tarp? (what 'holes' do we need to fill, or get the ball to drop in to accomplish a goal?)
  • Or how about simply labeling ten holes with a different commandment (or Bible verse) and seeing if you can "tilt" the table-tarp to get the ball to roll into the commandments (or Bible verse) "in the correct order."



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