Reply to "Black Light Theater Instuctions by Luanne Payne & Janice Loeb"

Links to lessons and/or ideas that incorporate or use Black Lights here at

Ascension of Jesus

  • Member ikinser has three Science Demonstrations about being witnesses, one of which uses black light to reveal the work and presence of God among us, idea found here.


  • Supporting member Sherry shared in "Isaiah foretells the Messiah" an idea to do black light skits on Hands and Feet "God With Us" link.
  • Supporting member Luanne shared a YouTube link to a Christmas black light done to the song "It's About The Cross" by Go Fish.


  • Crucifixion: Long time member Jan includes a black light/glow-in-the-dark alternative idea for her Crucifixion Drama Workshop link.
  • Resurrection: How to make an Easter Tomb "STONE" for black light that your kids can roll away! link

Jesus Heals the Ten Lepers

  • Supporting Member, CathyWalz, uses black light in one of the experiments in her "Science Workshop" link.


  • Guest Puppetmaker - shared idea of their use of black lights inside their blow-up whale link.
  • Rev Ron Shifley (Scotland UCC) used blacklights and glow in the dark markers inside their whale - check out their lesson "Prayer Inside the Belly of a Whale" link.

Joshua & Caleb

  • Rotation Friend took Supporting Member's CathyWalz ZONK game and adapted it by painting the point values on felt circles with Glow-in-the-Dark paint so that the numbers did not show though the lighter colors of felt. The children held the circles up to a black light to see what they had won. Great game.

Paul's Conversion

  • Supporting member ZBCC's "A Glowing Witness - Black Light Art Gallery" lesson link.
    Using black lights and glowing paints, students explore how Saul’s conversion changed him into a glowing witness for Christ. Students then create a glowing poster that delivers their own message about Jesus to others.


  • Writing Team's - Pentecost: Wind, Fire, Faith!: Movement and Music Workshop - our first workshop using black lights! (link available to Supporting Members - become a Supporting Member today!)


  • Guest kbalbert shared her idea to use black lights with the song "Here I Am Lord" using white gloves & motions.  She lists a few tips for others on doing this link.Getting ready to start

    Jaymie Derden took the above idea and created a black light drama lesson, see it here.




If you have used black lights, please post your idea or lesson under the appropriate story forum, thanks!


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