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Reply to ""Blue" Christmas resources ~ Helping people deal with loss and despair, stress and anxiety this Advent 2020"

Rituals of Healing and Hope

Rituals are powerful ways to acknowledge and express loss, and aid in healing.

Here are a couple of ideas for rituals of healing and hope that may be especially significant in Advent 2020. Each can be done at church, or in the home, or in public space. They can become part of your regular Advent worship, or used in a special service of remembrance and healing.

Inviting others to decorate a "Remembrance Tree" can be both a powerful ministry and statement.

Another powerful ritual is inviting those who grieve (or participate) to post photos of those they want to remember this time of year. 

This "Advent worship station" provides stones and pens to write the name or concern and place it by the candle. Candles are especially powerful symbols of hope.



Place these "ritual remembrances" in the sanctuary or important locations to emphasize their meaning and sense of power.

Photo credits:
Tree: journalgazette net
Stones: godspacelight .com


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