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Neil's Comments about Cain and Abel

How many other "done 'em wrong duos" can you name in scripture?
Jacob and Esau
Joseph and his brothers
Saul and David
Ahab/Jezebel and Elijah
Pilate/Judas and Jesus

I'm not a huge fan of teaching the Cain and Abel story in the Rotation Model simply because there are so many other MAJOR stories that scream for attention. And also...Abel's murder by his brother, is a reoccuring theme that can be picked up by many other stories. Joseph might be the best example.

And yet...the story is a good one for "other" teaching venues, such as, Wednesday night. And it is important, especially in this day when 'bullying' is problem we are all becoming more aware of.

Cain and Abel attempts to explain the universal mystery of "why do people want to kill each other?" It also addresses the central formative and most complex dynamic in most people's lives: their families. For teaching Cain and Abel to kids, that's where the grist is. We "kill" those around us a thousand ways. Why? And how can we stop? If "THE FIRST SIBLINGS" can't get along, what hope is there for the rest of us??

Cain and Abel suggests the root of this killing is ENVY and JEALOUSY. Psychologist say those emotions are rooted in ANGER... the feeling that you have somehow been cheated of something due to you. The feeling that you are not favored or blessed or loved -whether it is true or not, deserved or not. Jealous siblings are angry that you may have something they do not, such as a parent's love (Joseph's coat). And indeed, it can be true, meaning that anger can be righteous. Joseph's brothers may have had a point! But as you'll see in my lesson below the scripture says it's what you DO with your anger that counts, and that heals.

Cain and Abel

Computer Workshop

Summary of Lesson Activities:

Uses the "Cal and Marty" scripture memory game.

Scripture Reference:

Genesis 4

Leader Preparation:

  • Explore the software ahead of time.
  • Read the scripture ahead of time.
  • Gather the materials.

Supplies List:

  • "Cal and Marty" software (Sunday Software).
  • Bibles

Advanced Preparation Requirements:

  • Have the software loaded and ready to go when the kids arrive.


Opening-Welcome and Lesson Introduction

Greet the children and introduce yourself.

Dig-Main Content and Reflection:

1) Tell me what you know about the Story of Cain and Abel.

2) Let's Read the story of Cain and Abel together. Look for it in Genesis 4, and be ready to tell me what stories come before it and after it. (provides context)

3) Somebody summarize what we just read.

4) Bible study questions:

  • How many other "done 'em wrong duos" can you name in scripture? See what they come up with, add a few of your own, and only briefly review details about the stories.
    - Jacob and Esau
    -Joseph and his brothers
    -Saul and David
    -Ahab/Jezebel and Elijah
    -Pilate/Judas and Jesus
    -Jailer and Paul
    Note: If you are teaching the story of Cain and Abel over several weeks, you can break the following question focuses into three parts. If you are teaching Cain and Abel in only ONE lesson... ask the following three questions together. In step 8 of this lesson plan, you'll refer back to this list in preparation for doing the software lesson.
  • On the second week of teaching the story, see if they can duplicate the list and of "duos" and fill out MORE details of each story. You might ask: "What happened to turn their relationship bad?" "If you had been there, how would you have stepped in to make peace between these two people?"
  • Complete this sentence.... We kill others everyday, little by little by saying or doing _________________.
    You may need to work in small groups. You may need to offer starter answers, like "We kill each other little by little by ignoring their requests for help."
    (negativity, bad words, actions, inactions, taking, gossiping, ignoring, bullying, dishonesty, lying, evil looks)

5) Question for OLDER children and youth:
Ask them to recall news stories of anger that resulted in murder. This should include infamous school shooting which have occurred. Don't be afraid to ask this question. It has probably already been discussed in their school.

6) Discuss how small things can build up in a person's life and trigger negative and unintended consequences.
Note that in real life, CAIN is often an ABEL who has been pushed to the breaking point.
But also note that the Bible says that EACH of us has something of CAIN inside us. The murderous instinct was considered to be part of our "original sin" ...passed from generation to generation. (Which is a great Biblical metaphor for describing how parents literally "raise Cain.")
Draw this out visually like an equation in a person's life.
Example: CAIN has parental trouble + low self esteem + negative peers = what?

7) Make a list of "things a person can do" to not let things build up ...inside themselves, inside their friends.
Ask what things could be applied to certain parts of the equation (parental problems for example) that might help CAIN.
Ask what things the church does or could be doing to help Cain. And to help Abel.
Ask what things each student could do to step into the problem and help Cain. And to help Abel.

8) Learning What the Bible says about Anger and Jealousy
Say: The Bible talks a lot about murder, anger and jealousy. Anger is not considered evil in and of itself. Being angry about being mistreated can be a good thing, if it leads you to righting a wrong and turns into peace. It's what you DO with the anger, ...what you DO with the person who wrongs you, that matters.
Sometimes, we are angry about selfish things. This is when anger turns into jealousy. Like Cain, we might be angry because we think a parent doesn't love us as much as our brother, or we may be jealous that we were not treated the same, or given the same thing that someone else was given. That kind of anger-jealousy leads to murderous thoughts and deeds. The Bible give us HELP to deal with our anger so that it does not lead us to sin.

The Computer Software Activity
--remembering important verses using Cal & Marty's Scripture Memory Game CD

Assign one of the following Bible verses to a small group seated in front of their computer. The small group is to read the verse, then EDIT IT INTO Cal and Marty's Scripture Memory Game CD using the Verse Editing module. ( Have one child read, one type, and another proofread.

Have them also add the study notes of their own making in that box within the editor, and add three quiz questions about the verse in that section of the verse editing process. The study note and quiz will appear after the verse is played.
After everyone is done editing-in their verse, have them play it. Then, have them switch computers to go play the OTHER verses created by the other groups.


Alternate software for young children: Play and Learn Children's Bible CD has the Cain and Abel story in it briefly.


Gather together and pray for strength to follow the advice in the three verses, and ask for forgiveness for anyone we may have wronged.

Here are suggested "anger" and "jealousy" verses for Cal and Marty's Scripture Memory Game CD

You may wish to look for others.

James 1:20 NIV
A person's anger does not bring about the righteous life that God desires.

Proverbs 29:11 NLT
A fool gives full vent to anger, but a wise person quietly holds it back.

Ephesians 4:26 NLT
In your anger do not sin. Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry.

Proverbs 15:1 NLT
A gentle answer deflects anger, but harsh words make tempers flare.

Proverbs 14:30
A peaceful heart gives life to the body, but envy rots the bones.


A lesson from Neil MacQueen from: Sunday Software
Venice, FL

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Additional Software Suggestions from Luanne:

Fall of Jericho (Sunday Software)- create your own multiple-choice question set on the story, always a hit with the kids. You can also create Questions about Situation your students encounter in real life. Include questions about nations not getting along. The multiple choice answers are "what would you do/say?"

Let's Talk (Sunday Software)- have Cain & Abel tell their stories or discuss other ways they could have handled their sibling rivalry and what outcomes could come from those changes.

Or, have the kids answer your questions via the "Talk Now" module in the Let's Talk program to create responses to teacher prompted sibling/close friend TENSE situations and arguments. Teacher creates several statements/situations, and gives kids 3 minutes to create a response before playing back for entire class to hear. Then move on to the next teacher suggested situation. In effect... the kids will be practicing the language of DIFFUSING THE SITUATION. (The program takes what they type and speaks it out loud).

Younger children can do this too if they have typing help. - an OUT OF PRINT program, noted here for those older rotation users who may have it on their shelf. The program is set-up like the internet and various Bible characters, including Cain and Abel, have "webpages" that tell their story and include links to related content on the CD. Children need to be able to read.
Cain's webpage: Wanted Alive: Cain, Son of Adam
Abel's webpage: Missing Person's Report: Abel, Son of Adam
Adam's Homepage: see link bottom of page to Mistake Homepage: tells the story.

If you have this program you could do up a fill in the blank search sheet and have them be reporters and search through the webpages for the missing information.

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