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Cain and Abel

Video Workshop 

Summary of Lesson Activities:

Uses the Veggie Tales video “God Wants Me to Forgive Them?” and a no bullying website.

Scripture Reference:

Genesis 4.

Leader Preparation:

  • Read the scripture ahead of time.
  • Watch the video ahead of time.
  • Gather the materials.

Supplies List:

  • Popcorn
  • A computer with internet.
  • LCD projector
  • Veggie Tales video “God Wants Me to Forgive Them?”
  • Scorecards.
  • Pencils

Advanced Preparation Requirements:

  • Have the video ready to go when the kids arrive.
  • Pop the popcorn.
  • Connect to the internet.


Opening- Welcome and Lesson Introduction

Greet the children and introduce yourself.

Dig-Main Content and Reflection

  1. Tell me what you know about the Story of Cain and Abel.
  2. Let's Read the story of Cain and Abel together. Look for it in Genesis 4, and be ready to tell me what stories come before it and after it. (provides context)
  3. Somebody summarize what we just read.
  4. Show/Review the following videos...

    For older children and teens...

    You're going to go to the NOBullying website and review the top videos submitted by kids and schools in the national NOBullying competition. Many of these videos have already gone viral. Preview them first, but know that most were supervised creations and have been vetted by the Nobullying campaign (which sponsored this national competition).

    (Please note: if by the time you need this lesson that website is no longer available, you can find many bullying videos posted to youtube and organizations devoted to the subject. If in real need, contact your local school for resource help. They may have videos you can borrow).

    You will need a computer with an internet connection and an LCD projector for the group to see the videos.

    Give each student a SCORECARD and pencil, and have them 'rate' the videos you watch based NOT on the production quality but on the message. Have them use: "Poor, Fair, Good, Great". After viewing each, have them write their review. Compare reviews after you have watched several.

    For younger children or all children...
    Watch the Veggie Tales video “God Wants Me to Forgive Them?”
    It's about 30 minutes long.

    For discussion:

    How does forgiveness help people deal with their feelings of jealousy and anger?


Have the students sign a Promise which the teacher writes on a posterboard to "Practice Forgiveness and Stand Up for Others."

After everyone has signed, have them all place their hands on it and repeat after me": ...along the lines of... "God, with your Spirit helping me, I promise to try and forgive others and stand up for others who are being bullied."


A lesson from Neil MacQueen,
Venice, FL

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