Call of the Apostles Lesson Set - First Presbyterian Church Nevada, Mo

Calling of Apostles

Lesson Ideas

Summary of Workshops:

  • Video (k-5th grades): Matthew Visual Bible DVD (guide found below). 
    Summary of additional stuff we did from another lesson plan on this site:
    Magnet object lesson and fishy situations fishing game you can find here Call of the Disciples Science/Exploration Workshop
  • Computer (3rd -5th grades): Life of Christ Software - No Lesson Provided.
    Summary of what we did:
    Life of Christ—The format that works for us with this software: We start by going through the story together on one computer, pausing for clarification or discussion as needed, and usually discuss the question provided at the end of the story along with one or two we make up. Then the kids go 1-2 to each computer station to hear the story again and go through the quiz. I make them repeat it if they don't get at least 5 of the quiz questions correct. When they have completed the quiz they can do other stories or explore other aspects of the game until journaling time.
  • Art (k-2nd grades): No Lesson Provided
    Summary of what we did:
    Glue string fish nets over stick figure drawings on blue paper from Jesus Calls Disciples Ideas
  • Game (3rd - 5th grades):  Tic-Tac-Know Game. Directions and clues provided, not a full lesson.  Note: Should be scheduled last as a review.


Included in this set:

  • Overview of our Rotation (shown above).
  • Background for workshop leaders and shepherds.
  • Parent newsletter.
  • The Visual Bible: Matthew DVD discussion guide.
  • Tic-Tac-Know game questions.

Scripture: Luke 5:1-11, 6:12-16, 9:1-6

Life Guiding Verse: Matthew 4:19 “Follow Me and I will make you fishers of people.” (New Century Version)

What we are learning in this rotation:

  • A disciple is a follower of a particular person and their teachings; an apostle is a person who acts as a personal representative of another.
  • Jesus had a lot of disciples; he called 12 of these disciples to be his apostles.
  • When Jesus called the 12, they couldn’t help but drop everything to follow him.
  • Jesus calls us all to be disciples; he also may call us to do special jobs.

A lesson set from: First Presbyterian Church
Nevada, Mo

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