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Tic-Tac-Know Game

The way we played it:

  1. I marked a 3 x 3 grid on the floor using safe-release tape.
  2. If you have enough kids they can be the markers, but we had to use X's and O's cut from card stock.
  3. We divided the group into 2 teams.
  4. The teams took turns guessing the correct Apostle from cards we made using the clues below.
  5. If they got it right, they got to place a marker on the grid.

Note that we used it as a last review in the rotation, so (theoretically) they'd had full exposure to the Apostles.

What made it extra fun that day was that we had a child on speaker phone who wasn't able to be there in person that day because he was sick.

They really really had fun with this--we will use this format again!


I was a fisherman
I was Peter’s brother
I introduced Peter to Jesus

Who am I? (Hint: John 1:40-42)

Answer: Andrew


My father’s name was Alphaeus.
Another disciple shares my name.
I was known as “The Younger” of the two of us.

Who am I? (Hint: Luke 6:15)

Answer: James, son of Alphaeus


I was also known as Nathanael
Philip introduced me to Jesus
When I first heard about Jesus I said, “Can anything good come from Nazareth?

Who am I? (Hint: John 1:45-46)

Answer: Bartholomew


My father’s name was Zebedee.
Before I followed Jesus, my brother and I were Peter’s fishing partners.
Jesus called us “Sons of Thunder.”

Who am I? (Hint: Luke 5:10)

Answer: James, son of Zebedee


I wrote 5 books in the New Testament, including one of the Gospels.
My brother and I tagged along with Jesus and Peter a lot.
I took care of Jesus’ mother after he died.

Who am I? (Hint: Luke 5:10)

Answer: John


I kept the money bags for Jesus and the Apostles, and sometimes stole from them.
I betrayed Jesus to the Jewish authorities.
I didn’t live to see Jesus rise from the dead.

Who am I? (Hint: Matthew 26:14-16)

Answer: Judas Iscariot


When I met Jesus I was collecting taxes for the Roman Government.
After Jesus called me to follow Him, He ate dinner at my house.
I am also known as Levi, and I wrote one of the Gospels.

Who am I? (Hint: Matthew 9:9-11)

Answer: Matthew


I introduced Nathaniel to Jesus.
I was originally from Bethsaida.
I knew Jesus was the one the prophets had written about

Who am I? (Hint: John 1:43-45)

Answer: Philip


I was a fisherman known as Simon when Jesus met me.
Jesus changed my name to “Rock.”
I gave the very first sermon after Jesus left and the Holy Spirit came.

Who am I? (Hint: Matthew 16:18)

Answer: Peter


My nicknames are “Didymus” (the twin)
I am also known as “The Doubter” because I wouldn’t believe that Jesus had risen until I saw for myself and touched his wounds.

Who am I? (Hint: John 20:24-25)

Answer: Thomas


I was called “the Zealot” because I belonged to a political party that was trying to overthrow the Roman government.

Who am I? (Hint: Matthew 10:4)

Answer: Simon


My father’s name was James.
I was also called Judas, but don’t get me confused with Iscariot!
I was only mentioned three times in Scripture.

Who am I? (Hint: Matthew 10:3)

Answer: Thaddaeus

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