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At-Home Celebrations and Teaching Ideas for Advent & Christmas during the 2020 COVID Pandemic -- ideas, traditions, resources

If you're looking for ideas about "worshiping" at church or in-home during Advent 2020, be sure to read our related topic: Advent Worship and Christmas "Programs" during the 2020 COVID pandemic.

The following topic is geared more towards "at-home" celebrations and learning experiences.


Advent is traditionally an important time for teaching, worship, special programming, and attendance at church. But this year, social-distancing due to the pandemic will challenge the very traditions so many look forward to -- and especially the traditions that many need after the year we've had.

Typically, churches plan a lot of "in church" events. But this year, many churches are still in "worship only" mode with limitations on group size, or experiencing low to modest attendance. Others plan on remaining "closed" through the fall or until after Advent.  Compounding the picture is the fact that many traditional seasonal activities like parties, caroling, community events, in-person shopping, and travel are being curtailed or canceled. Coming after a difficult year and what looks to be a divisive election in the US, churches really have their work cut out for them this year.

Many of our members will need "at home" help to feel the hope and light of the season. They'll also need their "in church" experiences to feel rich and meaningful rather than "incomplete" or "ruined by” the pandemic. Both needs are going to need creative thinking and resourcing. Fortunately, we in Christian education are used to that!  Adapting to circumstances and rising to the challenge is who we are.

In this topic and forum, we're adding new and updated ideas that seem like a
perfect fit for 2020's challenges. You'll also find some "worship" ideas as well.
Don't forget to scan our general Advent Forum for ideas too!

You are invited to share your suggestions. Please include details, web links, etc. Keep in mind the needs of older children and youth, as well as singles and seniors. (And avoid 'secular' suggestions like gingerbread houses.)


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