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Christmas Song Games

My kids and I love to sing and play "Christmas Song Games." They're all grown up now and STILL love to play them!  Our favorites are "Name That Tune" and "One Word Carols." 

This isn't a picture of my family, but it looks just like the fun we have every year.
Like the crowns too.

Here in the COVID era these games can also be played across FACETIME or ZOOM and with social distancing.

Name that tune
-- in my family we usually start with the first two notes of the song (no words) and see if anyone can guess it. Then we'll add single notes until someone gets it right. 

"One Word Carols" goes like this: you pick only one word from a Christmas song and say it to the group. Each person gets to guess the song it comes from. If nobody gets it right, a second word from the song is spoken. The rules are that they have to be songs people will likely have heard, and the words have to be significant words (no "a" or "the").

We've also played Christmas Carol Pictionary (or pantomime) often expanding the "drawing subjects" to parts of the Christmas story or Christmas traditions. That's always a popular one. there are many websites that offer printable "Christmas Charade Cards" like this one.

Some of us like to play a funny Brain-twisting Carol game we made up where you have to sing one set of Christmas lyrics to another Christmas tune. (This one sound like the "Christmas Carol Mashup" game suggested at the following site.)

"The Spruce" website has a good list of Christmas song games you can play at home.

One suggestion: If you have people who don't think they know many Christmas songs, print them a list or send them to the "Christmas Music" entry on Wikipedia which has both carols and popular songs. They'll be surprised how many they actually do know!

And yes, we even play this with young children. You just need to give them suggestions and hints and let them play on your "team" so they don't feel excluded. Funny how fast they learn a lot of songs.


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