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Reply to "At-Home Celebrations and Teaching Ideas for Advent & Christmas during the 2020 COVID Pandemic -- ideas, traditions, resources"

The at-home Christmas eve worship service described by Neil above sounds very memorable as well as sweet and meaningful.  It provides good perspective that while we and our children may be disappointed that things are different from the usual traditions this Holiday season, they can still be special. And new traditions may be born!

Churches could even encourage this sort of at-home worship if they are in an area where gathering at church for worship is not possible (for snow or Covid reasons).

Things I would put in a family do-it-yourself Christmas eve worship box:

  • An outline of the scripture passages for traditional Christmas readings.
  • Words and music for a few familiar favorite hymns. (Or a CD, if the budget allows.)
  • Tinsel so that each family member can be part of the angel choir.
  • Cake mix, frosting, candles to make a "Happy Birthday Jesus!" cake.christmasFunfettiCake
  • If you give this box at the end of November, you can also include supplies for an Advent wreath (battery candles may be appreciated by families with younger children) as well as Advent candle lighting readings. Otherwise give one (battery-operated) white candle to be the Christ candle.
  • Prayer suggestions.

What would you add?


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  • christmasFunfettiCake
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