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Reply to "At-Home Celebrations and Teaching Ideas for Advent & Christmas during the 2020 COVID Pandemic -- ideas, traditions, resources"

Christmas Resources "Pony Express""Pony Express" is a creative method of sharing teaching materials between families any time of the year but can be especially welcome this Advent with the pandemic disruptions we're all experiencing. The idea not only gives the church a way to get resources into homes, it encourages families to be in "safe-contact" with one another and feel connected in spirit during this important season.

The basic idea is simple and easily adapted:

The church fills a polyester bag with Advent resources and distributes them to a number of families.

Inside each bag is a list of "who to share the bag with next," and instruction to use the bag for up to five days before delivering it to the next family on the list.  (4 families is usually a good number.)

Families are also encouraged to "put a homemade gift in the bag for the next family" such as baked goods (that have been safely handled).

Families are also encouraged to include notes about which resources they used.

Suggestions for what to include in the Christmas Pony Express Bag:

  1. Christmas storybooks
  2. Devotions
  3. DVDs of Christmas movies for various ages.
  4. A Christmas craft project (including supplies)
  5. Church Advent schedules and special opportunities
  6. Suggestions for activities, such as the Advent Haggadah meal here at, or the video presentation here at Rotation highlighting favorite Advent videos and lesson ideas.
  7. You could include a big Christmas Card to have each family sign and forward along with the bag. Invite them to write a special message to each other and include a family photo.

When the bag reaches the last family, they return it to the church and post the Xmas card and photo in a public place for all to read.

This is a great way to get your Advent resources and DVDs off of your shelf and into the hands of your families this Advent.


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