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Reply to "At-Home Celebrations and Teaching Ideas for Advent & Christmas during the 2020 COVID Pandemic -- ideas, traditions, resources"

Help your families remember that Christmas does not end on December 25: it continues Twelve Days until Epiphany on January 6.  Here are some suggestions to help them celebrate at home (you will find many more ideas that can be adapted in our Epiphany (3 Kings Day) Topic and also in the Jesus' Birth through the Eyes of the Wisemen Forum.

Photo Booth

Adapt this idea from Building Faith and have families stage Three Kings pictures at home and have them answer the question, "What gift would YOU bring to Jesus?"


Make stars

You can find many sites with videos and how-to instructions for crafting stars. Here is one with a variety of techniques. Have families think about what it means to follow Jesus as they talk about the Wise Men who followed a star.

Look at the night sky

This event is before the 12 days of Christmas, but is worth a look if the skies are clear: Jupiter and Saturn will form rare "Christmas Star" on winter solstice. (There is a link to a livestream of the event at that link.)

Make a king cake

Investigate the King Cake tradition and then make this yummy treat. We have suggestions here. And Supporting Members can use the full Magi King Cake cooking lesson in the Magi Writing Team lesson set.  You can see more Three Kings and Epiphany cooking suggestions here.


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