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Reply to "Children participating in worship online or at church during the pandemic"

The perfect activity for children worshiping at home (and possibly even at church if there is carpet and padded chairs): recreating the Bible story/sermon scripture with Lego or Duplo blocks.  Many of the ideas for the Story Table Workshop can be scaled down to one or two children at home.  Lego dramas can be as simple or elaborate as time and ability and materials allow. 

There are many reasons why Lego are a great worship time activity:

  1. Kids of all ages (and adults) love to build with Lego.
  2. Construction focuses their mind's attention. It's the fine-motor skills that do it!
  3. Construction can foster cooperative behavior.
  4. Legos have a cool factor. 
  5. Many church families have Lego!  (Dolls and blocks and other toys can also be used to retell stories.)
  6. Creating the scene of a story helps student Imagine and better remember the story, and consider details they may not have noticed by simply reading or hearing the story. This is also a great family activity for after worship to help everyone remember the story and sermon.
  7. Lego characters are POSABLE. They can move through scenery built during the sermon in a retelling afterwards that conveys action and reaction in the story.


Whether children are constructing one Bible story scene or a family is working together after worship to create several different scenes in a story, Lego creations are personal ("I made that") and they are shareable ("let me tell you the part of the story I constructed").

This Elijah scene is from the Writing Team's Elijah Super Set; check it out to see how to teach using a Bible story and Lego.) 



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