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Reply to "Children participating in worship online or at church during the pandemic"

Scripture Doodling is a quiet way to interact with God’s Word during worship. Doodling can help a child -- or adult -- engage with God’s Word at a pace that allows one to pause, reflect, and respond to the wisdom received. The whole time spent doodling a passage is spent thinking about the passage. In a way, Scripture Doodling is a form of meditation that helps the student engage the Bible more deeply. Doodling helps improve concentration as it prevents an individual from daydreaming.

What to doodle? Read the Scripture passage or prayer prompts and respond on paper with colored pencils or pens to these questions:

  • Is there a word or phrase the jumps out?
  • What visual comes to mind? (It might be a color, a shape or squiggle, a word, or a stick figure, a name.)
  • If I were going to explain this passage or prayer to someone else, what picture would help him understand?


Doodles should be spontaneous, self-paced, repetitive, and meaningless. Do not expect great art; it is just doodling. Celebrate this as an opportunity to help yourself or your kids connect with the Word on a deeper level and have fun!

(For early readers, this activity will be more fruitful if you read the passage together before worship begins.)


See the Scripture Doodling article for more information as well as a sample guided activity.


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