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Recap of our RENEW REBUILD part 2 Coffee Chat on August 23

More than two dozen Christian educators gathered on Zoom for an hour of prayer, brainstorming, and encouragement as we shared our challenges and ideas regarding the start of a new school year in the midst of a continuing pandemic. While the situation is different in each community, we found that we had much in common.

I know some people were unable to attend, and I also know that those who were there wanted a summary of all that we talked about on Monday. So here it is. (I have also attached a more detailed transcript of our discussion.)

The big ideas and challenges that seemed to run through our conversation:

  • Prayer is an important part of planning. Several in our group have discovered the benefit of involving members of the congregation as prayer partners for their ministry.
  • Many feel like their ministry is faced with inertia -- families have gotten out of the habit of attending weekly Sunday school (some have even dropped out of weekly worship). How do we get those people back into the habit of showing up (whether it is in-person or online)?
  • We talked about hybrid ministries and how to meet the needs of the community when some are in-person and some are online (or at-home).
  • Amy Frasier summarized many participants' feelings: "It is comforting to know we are all having similar issues and are not alone."

We will continue to explore these ideas and challenges here at This is a wonderfully creative and generous community and I thank you for your ideas and for your encouragement of one another! I look forward to gathering with you again next month, and until then, I encourage you to ask your questions in the Teachers' Help Lounge and to share your ideas at our site.

Blessings on your ministry,

Amy Crane Board President 


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