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Come Join the Circle Curriculum

posted April 22, 2005 05:34 PM

I just received a Sunday School curriculum catalog from Logos Productions. They included a "new" rotation curriculum called "Come Join the Circle". Each unit costs $89 and includes Bible background, teacher training, reproducible newsletter, music CD, teaching pictures, and "learning center" options. These options include hands on, music, drama, food, games, activity sheets, community service.

Has anyone used this curriculum (or is it too new)? Any feedback?

Lynn C Wood
posted April 23, 2005

Go to On the main page is a headline and link to downloadable sample lesson ("Jesus is Born") from new curriculum. The workshops are described as 'learning centers'. The lessons include training for 'learning center guides' and 'congregational connections'.
A musical CD and learning pictures are also available as part of the curriculum.

There are nine learning centers listed, two center plans are included in the sample. From my quick scan it looked like a list of several activities were given for each center but no overall lesson plan was provided. The curriculum description says that 7 different centers will be included in each unit.

Reproducible sheets are included with the lessons as well as at home resources for families.

This curriculum is written for ages 3-12

There is a separate piece "Come Join the Circle Planning Guide" which looks like an introduction to rotation, room design, multiple intelligences, etc.

The curriculum will be available for use in the fall '05.

The curriculum itself will be printed. There will not be a download or CD option.

This is all I could figure out from the sample and a short phone call.


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