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Joseph’s Coat

Music Workshop


Summary of Lesson Activities:

Children will adhere rainbow colored ribbons to dowel rods to make dancing ribbons or streamers.   Children will explore the song through movement -- using their streamers to the song "Jo-Jo-Joseph Had a Rainbow Coat". Then while listening to the song "Dream" which describes Joseph's dreams, using a pencil they will "illustrate" the dream as the song (sound) moves them.


Scripture Reference:

Genesis 37:1-36, 39:1-6b


Key Verse:

“We know that God is always at work for the good of everyone who loves him.” Romans 8:28a (CEV)



Workshop Objectives:

  • Identify Genesis as the first book in the Old Testament; locating the story in Genesis
  • Retell the story in their own words – identifying story characters and their feelings.
  • Explain how jealousy erupted in Joseph’s family. Learn how feelings can separate us from family and friends.
  • Understand that God loves us and is never separated from us, no matter what happens.


Leader Preparation:

  • Read the scripture for this lesson.
  • Read and reflect on the overview material provided for this lesson.
  • Gather the following materials.

Supplies List:

  • Bibles
  • Multi-colored beach ball
  • Various colors of ribbons (or use strips of ripstop nylon)
  • Dowel rods
  • Glue
  • CD’s as listed in resources below.



Opening- Welcome and Lesson Introduction: 


Circle up for Hello/Introductions – play “Bounce Hi - Bounce Low” - a game with a rainbow colored ball: As a group sing: "Bounce Hi, Bounce Lo, Bounce the Ball to someone you know." Person with the ball sings: "I'll bounce the ball to ___________." (name of a child in the circle). Repeat.


Proceed until everyone has a turn.

Opening Prayer.


As a group adhere rainbow colored ribbons to dowel rods to make dancing ribbons or streamers.


Dig- Main Content and Reflection:


Introduce Key Verse: Look up in the Bible (assist and instruct).


Note Genesis is the first book of the Bible. Identify passage - Genesis 37: 1-36 & Introduce Story/Characters.


Play the song "Jo-Jo-Joseph Had a Rainbow Coat" from "Bible Songs 1 (Kidz Tunz)


Encourage kids to explore the song through movement -- using their streamers. The song lists the colors in Joseph's coat. Assign a color to each child. Have the student step forward and wave their colored streamer when their assigned color is mentioned in the song. (explain and demonstrate choreography prior to playing the song.)


Play the song "Dream" which describes Joseph's dreams. Provide the children with paper and pencil to "illustrate" the dreams. Ask them how they would interpret the dreams.


Read the rest of the story to the children (through Joseph's enslavement in Potipher's house).


Answer Questions


Q. Joseph's brothers were so jealous! Why?

Their father gave Joseph a beautiful coat, but they got nothing. You might know what it feels like to want something someone else has. But there is a right way to behave, and Joseph's brothers chose the wrong way. Because they felt hurt, they treated Joseph very badly. Next time you feel jealous, remember that God knows everything you need. Be grateful instead for what you have. Then wait for God to fill your life with wonderful things!)


  • Have you ever been jealous? If so, when?
  • How does jealousy affect how you think about or act toward someone? (separation)
  • What are some things you can be grateful for next time you feel jealous of someone else?



Re-state key verse.




“Jo-Jo-Joseph Had A Rainbow Coat” from Kidz Tunz "Rainbow Coat and the Animals Boat." Released in 2000 by Tyndale House Publishers.


The song "Dream" was on the Songtime Kids: All New Bible Songs album (2001) by Spring Hill Music Group, Nashville: TN. The song communicates the content of Joseph's dreams.



A lesson written by T. Menzel from: First United Methodist Church

Ann Arbor, MI

Copyright 2003 First United Methodist Church, Ann Arbor, MI.
Permission to copy materials granted for non-commercial use

provided credit is given and all cited references remain with this material


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