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COMPLETE Lesson Set on Adam & EVE from Kirk of Kildaire

Here is a complete set of lessons for…

The Fall: Adam and Eve

A lesson set written by the Committee for Children’s Christian Education at 
Kirk of Kildaire Presbyterian Church
Cary, North Carolina, USA.

Summary of all workshops in this Rotation set:

  • Storytelling Workshop: children will see the Adam and Eve story acted out and then ask questions of the actors so that they can get a feel for how each character felt about the decisions they made and the consequences of the decisions they made.
  • Games Workshop: Dodge Ball in the Garden of Eden, plus word search for extra time
  • Drama Workshop: the children explore the story as sculptors and will make statues of characters in the Bible lesson using each other as clay; each child will get a turn to be both clay and sculptor.
  • Puppet Workshop: This workshop will focus on helping children understand that when we are disobedient, there are consequences for us and sometimes for others. These consequences include loss of privilege and feeling separated from loved ones. People who care about us (and God) will come after us and forgive us. In the first skit, the disobedient ones are children who do not follow their parents’ rules; this can be applied in the discussion to disobedience of God. The second skit uses a child feeling separated from her friends who come looking for her. Again, the discussion must apply this to feeling separated from God.

Scripture Reference: Genesis 3

Key Verse:  “Look deep into my heart, God, and find out everything I am thinking. Don't let me follow evil ways, but lead me in the way time has proven true.” Psalm 139:23-24(CEV)

Workshop Objectives — After completing this Rotation, participants will learn:

  • When we disobey God, it hurts others and us.
  • Sins are actions that separate us from God, but God always comes to look for us.
  • Sometimes we want to hide from God, but God always comes to look for us.
  • God judges us, but God also helps us do better next time.
  • Even when our lives seem hard and unfair, God still cares for us.

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Note:  This set of lessons is part two in a three-unit summer series which includes: Creation (Genesis 1&2), The Fall (Adam and Eve) and Redemption (John 1) (The last link goes to an external site.)

Copyright 2002 by Kirk of Kildaire, Presbyterian, Cary, North Carolina. This lesson may be used for non-profit purposes only

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