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COMPLETE SET: Jesus Feeds the 5000 (Video, Computer, Games, Drama) from Neil

Jesus Feeds the 5000

Lesson Set

I originally wrote these lessons as part of a four week unit that includes using my Five Loaves ~ 2 Fishes CD -the interactive lesson-game I created about Jesus Feeding of the 5000 at Bethsaida.

Note: The "5 Loaves" software program is now available as a free download to the supporting members of!  Look here.

The Writing Team has also written an extensive Bible Background about the the story and 6 creative workshop lessons (for supporting members).

You are welcome to cherry-pick any of these workshop lessons for your own non-commercial use. However, I wrote these lessons to GO TOGETHER. They share a theme and progression.

Overview of the Four Workshops in this set:

  1. Bible Skills & Game Workshop: Bread & Fish Olympics, Comparing the Gospels.
  2. Computer Workshop: Use 5 Loaves ~ 2 Fishes software
  3. Drama Workshop: "The Day After" skits
  4. Video Workshop: Use Nest's Bread of Heaven DVD

    and Bible Background.

Scripture Reference:
Matthew 14:13-21; Mark 6:30-44; Luke 9:10-17; and John 6:1-15 (John's version is emphasized in three of the following workshops).

The meaning of this story, in brief.
As discussed in the CD's guide and Bible Background in this thread, the story of the Feeding of the 5000 is NOT primarily a story about "sharing what you have." Rather, Jesus uses the opportunity to SHARE WHO HE IS with the crowd and his disciples, --that he is The One sent by God to save the people.

The life application question, then, is this: "if you believe, what do you do next?" The drama workshop below especially digs into this with its "Day After" skits.

Suffice to say, the four accounts largely agree, all though, notably only John has the small boy offering his food. Thus, his presence in the miracle should not be so overstated as to shadow the centrality of the miracle as a sign pointing to Jesus's identity and mission. In the Bible Skills and Games Workshop, the children will compare the versions.

Workshop Objectives:

  • Children will understand that Jesus is The One sent by God. He is the Savior, and he waits for their faithful response.
  • Children will understand that they must learn from Jesus in order to know him and get close.
  • Children will see the story as an example of Jesus' compassion for the people and desire to multiply our gifts to help those in need.

A lesson set from Neil MacQueen

I hope you enjoy my lessons for this story, and I would EXPECT you to adapt and improve them! Your comments and adaptions are welcome via reply in this thread.

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