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Jesus at the Temple

Games Workshop

Summary of Lesson Activity

Focus on the hunt to find Jesus by going on a Scavenger Hunt to find various predetermined objects around the church building. Discuss where we find Jesus today.

A handout is attached at the end of this lesson, with pictures of some common items found in most churches, as well as a picture of Jesus in the Temple from the story Bible used in this lesson. The picture of Jesus from the storybook is purposefully meant to cause some confusion in the students! This leads to discussion!


Passage: Luke 2:41-52


  • Read the scripture for this lesson.
  • Gather the materials.
  • Make copies of the handout (one per student) - see attachment at the end of this lesson

Supply List

  • Markers or pencils/pens
  • Handouts
  • Optional: Art supplies to make their own scavenger hunt for home use.
  • Bibles:
    • For 4-5 year olds and 6-8 year olds: The Big Picture Interactive Storybook Bible
    • For 9-11 year olds: Big Picture Interactive Bible


Lesson Plan


Begin by reading the story of “Jesus at the Temple”

4-5 year olds and 6-8 year olds: Pg. 188 inThe Big Picture Interactive Storybook Bible

9-11 year olds: Big Picture Interactive Bible; Luke 2:41-52

Say:  Mary and Joseph went looking for Jesus when they couldn’t find him.  Today we are going to look for some things too!

(Depending on the size of the class you might want to divide into two groups (one teacher with each group).  Please take a security walkie-talkie with you.)

Begin by explaining the rules and expectations:

  • We must be quiet and respectful of the other people in church and class – we don’t want to disrupt anyone or damage anything!
  • Inside voices – no yelling!
  • Walk slowly and quietly – no running!
  • We must stay together as a group and work together – listen to everyone’s ideas before deciding where to go.
  • Cross items off the list when you find them

Go on the hunt!screen - jesus in temple pix

When kids ask about the picture on the bottom right on the handout, ask them:

What are you looking for exactly?

The Bible?


When you get to this point, in the game direct the children back to the classroom to finish the lesson and debrief.


How did you know where to find the things on the list?
How do you know where something belongs?
Why didn’t Mary and Joseph know where Jesus was?
I wonder what they thought when they found him in the temple?
Where is Jesus today?
How do we look for him?
How can we find him? What does the Bible say?
Is he only in church? In the Bible? In our hearts?

If the scavenger hunt was especially inspiring perhaps the children will want to create their own for their siblings or parents.

  • They can use basic art supplies to create a version to use at home
  • Make sure to include Jesus… where can you find him in your home?? Where does he belong?



A lesson written by Kristin Engel from:
Citylight Benson Church, Omaha, NE

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