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Illumina Bible Software Idea

Originally posted by "revshannan"

Computer Lab Lesson:
Ilumina Worksheet
for Noah
5th-8th Graders

Illumina is now out of print:

((NOTE: This program is now out of print, but many Rotation churches have it))

I'm pleased to report that our kids got the discussion going with this, and it piqued the teacher's interest too!

Go to the Encyclopedia section of Illumina
Group #1 (Computers 1 & 2)
Read up on The Flood and be ready to report back to the group about what it was, with at least 4 interesting facts
Group #2 (Computers 3 & 4)
Read up on the Epic of Gilgamesh and be ready to report back to the group about what it was and what effect this might have had on the story of Noah being in the Bible
Group #3 (Computers 5 & 6)
Read up on who Noah was and take a look at the attached worksheet about how after the flood, what families/generations in the Bible came from his sons. Why are they important, what notable people came through them? Look up the genealogy (family history) of Jesus at the beginning of the Gospel of Matthew. Where do you see the link? Why then is Noah important in the whole history of the Bible?
Group #4 (Computers 7 & 8)
Look up Sin. What does sin have to do with the flood?

Come back together as a group; report in about the things you found out.

Go to the Atlas Section of Illumina
There is no known date for when the events of the Flood and Noah occurred. Why do you think this is? Look below at what was happening in the world during the earliest parts of the Bible in Technology, World Power, Culture, Religion & Philosophy, and Beyond the Middle East. Think about the things above you learned about. Today we have a whole different understanding of a flood because we know so much about science, weather patterns, etc. Why do you think people then attributed all of this to God or wrote a story about a Flood?
If the story isn’t factually true, what can we know about God from it? Just because the story might not be factually true does not mean there is not something in it to learn about God!

If time is left, Cal and Marty’s Scripture Memory Game CD (Sunday Software)

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