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Noah & The Ark

Computer Workshop


Summary of Lesson Activities:

Uses the Noah and the Ark Computer software (Sunday Software).


Scripture Reference:

Genesis 6-9


Lesson Objective:

Explorers will learn to recognize signs of the covenant (rainbows) in all of their life.

Leader Preparation:

  • Read the scripture ahead of time.
  • Explore the software ahead of time.
  • Gather the materials.

Supplies List:

  • Computers (with CD drives)
  • Copies of Noah and the Ark CD (Sunday Software)

Advanced Preparation Requirements:

  • Have the software loaded and ready to go when the kids arrive.



Opening-Welcome and Lesson Introduction:

Greet the children and introduce yourself.


Find Memory verse in Bible, review.


Introduce explorers to computers. (10 minutes). Explain purpose and use of computers.


Dig-Main Content and Reflection:

Explorers take turns to do different parts of CD


Start with “The Great Flood” (20 minutes). Explorers find answers to questions and use scavenger hunt.


Explorers not playing on CD at the time can watch for clues and answer questions. They can take turns looking over list


Discuss the answers and the covenant. What are other rainbows or signs of God’s care in your life?


Next, explorers take turns navigating “Discovering the Bible” and/or the Hall of fame (20 minutes). Explorers takes notes on what they think is important.


Next have two to four groups play the Bible quiz section.


Do Bible Memory (under games) as time allows.

Take turns working through THE GREAT FLOOD section of the CD. There are 10 sections to this part. If there are five persons at your station, each can operate the mouse through two of them, etc. While one person takes a turn with the mouse, two others can be scribes. One can read the questions and record the answers. The other can read the scavenger hunt and record the answers. Switch rolls each time you switch the person operating the mouse.


1. In Noah’s time some families didn’t know or care about God. What did these families do?
2. What did God decide to do about these families? Why?
3. How did God work through Noah to save others? Why?
4. What did God want Noah to save besides his family? Why didn’t God do this?
5. How high did the flood waters rise?
6. What is the name of the mountain that the ark landed on?
7. What two birds did Noah first send out of the ark, why?
8. What did the third bird bring back to Noah? Then what did the bird do?
9. About how long after the rains began did the flood water go away?
10. What sign did God give to Noah and why?

Answers and Further Questions for Leaders
As they discuss questions

1. Discuss. Also ask if there are people like those described who are alive today.What about us?
2. Discuss
3. Discuss. Also ask, how does God work through us today? Are we supposed to save the world like Noah? Why or why not.
4. Discuss. Also ask, should we try to save the animals today? Why or why not? How?
5. Answer: Higher than the highest mountain.
6. Answer: Ararat.
7. Answer: Raven, Dove. They were sent out to see if they could find dry land.
8. Answer: Olive leaf. The dove went out again and did not return.
9. Answer: About one year.
10. Discuss. Also ask, what are other signs of God’s love that we see today?

Scavenger Hunt

Take turns being the scavenger hunt scribe. This person calls out what you are looking for and writes down the answer.
1. What is the color of the “man eating” can?
2. Where is the beaver hiding?
3. Where is the monkey hiding?
4. What kind of fruit dances?
5. Which window on the ark shows Noah?
6. What two characters hug?
7. What color flowers pop out of a vase?
8. What color is the vase that yawns?
9. Which animals eyes fall off when they sneeze?
10. What animal goes under the ground?

Scavenger Hunt Answers

1. The can is the color blue.
2. The Beaver is hiding in the log.
3. The monkey is hiding behind a bush.
4. The dancing fruit is the banana.
5. Noah is in the middle left window on the lower windows.
6. The two characters that hug are Noah and his wife.
7. The flowers that pop out of the vase are the color purple.
8. The vase that yawns is the color Blue.
9. The animals whose eyes pop out when they sneeze are the snakes.
10. The animal that goes underground is a ladybug.

More Ideas for Leaders:

Under part 3 under PLAN: tell the explorers to check out the “I wonder why” questions. They are found by clicking on the open book that appears in some sections of the “Discover the Bible” part of the CD. The questions include:

  • Why did God flood the whole earth?
  • Does God see everything we do?
  • Does God sit up in heaven just waiting to zap people when they do something wrong? (see Lamentations 3:32)
  • Does God really care that I try to obey him? (see 2 Chronicles 16:9)
  • I wonder why the Israelites sacrificed animals?
  • Why doesn’t God kill all the evil people on earth?

Discuss these questions as time allows.

During Part 4: explorers could take turns trying to remember the memory verses.They could help each other out when someone gets stuck. 

Other group activities include the matching game, or the connect the dots game. Explorers could try to guess what the picture will be as the dots are connected. This last part can be used if time allows.




End with a prayer.



A lesson written by Will Heyward from: Smyrna/Hermitage Presbyterian Churches 

Waynesboro, VA


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