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Jesus' Birth through the Eyes of Isaiah and the Prophets

Computer Workshop"Promises, Promises"

Summary of Lesson Activity:

A Computer Workshop lesson plan about the Old Testament Hope for a Messiah.
Software: Fluffy and God's Amazing Christmas Adventure CD (Sunday Software)


Scripture Reference: Isaiah 9


Workshop Objectives:
Fluffy is a sheep led by God through the whole Advent story. God has a sense of humor and quite a bit to say. Interactive questions and activities are strewn throughout the story screens.

Fluffy CD has six learning areas to explore. Lesson #1 on the road to Bethlehem is titled: "Promises Promises". Lesson 1 teaches about Prophets, the meaning of "Messiah", Why God wants to be our King, has your kids working with Isaiah 9 "wonderful counselor" ...what to expect out of the Messiah, and about the family tree of Jesus.

It should take your kids about 30-35 minutes to complete, especially if you take your time with each section and discuss the results. There is content throughout that is there for the teacher to latch onto!

Leader Preparation:

Explore the program in advance of showing it to your kids. Become comfortable with it so that you can better assist them in class.


Materials List:

  • Fluffy and God's amazing Christmas adventure (Sunday Software)

Advanced preparation requirements:

Have the program loaded on the computers before the kids arrive. This will save you time.


Opening- Welcome and Lesson Introduction

Greet the children and introduce yourself.



Ask the kids to tell you what they know about Isaiah. Share some information with them, in particular, from my "Thought on Isaiah" here below as they will jive with ideas in the software.

Post the Question for the Day: "What does God want to be to us? and What does God want us to be to him?

Dive In:
Working in Groups at the computer(s), take your time going through Fluffy CD's "Promises Promises" section. Pause after the Kings game, the Jesse Tree activity, and after the Isaiah 9 Fluffimation to discuss the meaning of those activities, aka "what did we learn?"

Print the Promises, Promises Student & Teacher Handout linked at the bottom of this post. It has a worksheet for the kids, a copy of the Fluffimation Isaiah 9 questions they'll be filling in, and some things for the teacher. This handout is also available at Fluffy CD's webpage.


Tip:  The younger kids may need help with reading/typing.


If you have extra time after finishing "Promises Promises", do a scripture memory game with Isaiah 9's "wonderful counselor, prince of peace" verse.



A detailed Fluffy teaching guide can be printed from Sunday Software's website (

Start the CD, and after the opening, select "Promises Promises" on the main menu map.

1. Opening Narration by God

2. About Some of My Kings --God describes the people's demand for a king. Play the Good Kings/Bad Kings matching game.

Prophets Section:

3. Prophet 101 -Interactive questions about what a prophet does.

4. Prophet 201 -Materials to read and discuss ...mostly for older students, though teachers may want to relate some of these ideas to their younger students.

5. About "Prophecy and Foretelling the Future" ...mostly for older students and those who are spending a lot of time on the concept.

Narration, then...

Messiah Section:

6. More about the meaning of Messiah

7. "I am" your Messiah

8. Prophets Fluffimation Reflection Activity (this is a big interactive activity filled with lots f discussion potential. Kids will be working with Isaiah 9. Note: this can be printed for further discussion.

9. Jesus Family Tree activity. How all these people and you are related. ill out onscreen and print. Or print and fill out!
Tip: Have some printed copies. The tree graphic has some questions on it.


Ask groups to answer the Question for the Day.

If you have time, continue on with the suggested memory verse activity, or, go play the musical "DJ Fluffy Jam" activity on the Fluffy CD.


Some Thoughts on Isaiah:
This background is echoed in the CD's content.
It is God's greatest desire to be the ruler of our heart, --to have us obediently and lovingly follow him, and him alone. "You shall have no other gods beside me." "Hear O Israel." "I am the Way".

God wants to be our King. But the people want a human king, so he begrudgingly gives Israel a long line of them, -each one falling short, except David, -"a man after God's own heart". So God promises a "2nd David" through his prophets. A Messiah King...only this time, it will be God himself, for God alone can save the people. God alone wants to be our ruler.

But when? A thousand years goes by between David and Jesus. But "a thousand years in thy sight are but as yesterday." (Ps 46) God is nothing if he is not patient, and timing is one of God's strong suits.

Remember him waiting til the evening breeze in the Garden? Remember him plodding through the wilderness for 40 years? He put up with bad kings and fathless people. Then he waits even long. And when Israel is humbled, conquered and occupied, the time is right. For the first time in HISTORY, the world of the Middle East is ready for God's message to explode out of Palestine across the Roman Empire and its network of roads. "Prepare the way," John says, echoing Isaiah 40, ...for the Word to come in flesh and dwell among us, and then spread like wildfire across the world.

Isaiah prophesies "a virgin shall give birth", ...and 700 years later, when the time was finally right, God sent Gabriel to a virgin named Mary at the crossroads of the world to give her some startling news. "I'm coming to save."

God patiently waited for the world. What is God patiently waiting and working for YOU to become?

The answer(s) is in the story: Prophet, Angel, Shepherd. They all do the same thing in the story of Jesus' Birth. They all spread the Good News that God is here to save. They become "agents of change", maybe even wonderful counselors, and princes of peace in the image and name of Jesus.



Ask the children what they've learned and close with a prayer.

A lesson by Neil MacQueen, Sunday Software.

Venice, FL


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Disclaimer: I am the author of the Fluffy CD. The Rotation Board has encouraged me to post my free lesson plans. My work with software grew out of my work developing the Rotation Model.

Here's the link to the handout:


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