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Reply to "COMPUTER Workshop Lesson and Ideas for the Ten Commandments"

Other Software that has Moses- Exodus- Ten Commandments content:

Note to Moderator: I'm posting this in several of the Exodus computer workshop lesson threads as a reference for all available Exodus software and lesson ideas.

Life of Moses CD from the Interactive Kids Series, has been out of print a few years, but was popular for many years, and thus is owned by many Rotation computer labs. It has a wealth of content as you might expect. It's "main" animated story covers the Plagues and Red Sea episode. It's short videos and study notes cover these stories as well. doesn't have much on Ten C's.

When Life of Moses CD went out of print, I sat down and created the Exodus Adventures (which I designed with more content across a broader range of the Exodus stories, and was designed to appeal to a higher age range.) The program covers Moses in Egypt, Red Sea to Rock of Horeb, and "After Mt. Sinai Wanderings". Exodus Adventures (Sunday Software) is for grades 2 (with help) to high school. ( Now free to all supporting members of

I did not include the Ten C's in Exodus Adventures because I had previously given the Ten C's its own CD: The Ten Commandments (Sunday Software). ( Now free to all supporting members of


Play and Learn Children's Bible CD EXCELS as presenting the Exodus story to preschoolers through 1st grade, and maybe even 2nd graders before they get too aged! It includes the Ten C's. (This great Bible software is now out of print, but a lot of Rotation churches own it.)

Here's a list of the short interactives in that CD:
Baby Moses
A Bush Keeps Burning
Walking through Red Sea
Moses Leads His People
God Gives Good Rules (10 C's)
God Promises a Home
The Walls of Jericho

Exodus Map Workshop Lesson Idea:

If your lab is connected to the internet, you could have your older students create their own customized Google Maps of the Exodus route to Mt Sinai using Google Map/Earth. List locations and add details of what happened there. For the Ten Commandments, you can attach photos of Mt. Sinai to the map so kids can get an idea of the STARK LANDSCAPE of the events. Note: There is serious scholarly debate about the actual location of Mt Sinai, with credible theories placing it in Midian, rather than the traditional location. Mt Sinai is also known as Horeb in the story of Elijah.

An interesting discussion to have: A PLACE where one feels the presence of God lives larger. Where are our holy mountains today?

I really like this idea, and doing it in Google Maps just requires some familiarity and prep.

This would be a good workshop for post-Red Sea stories where there's a lot of relocating in the stories.

Maps help SEQUENCE the story into memory and the brain loves photos. Both provide VISUAL HOOKS for information. Our brains recall these visual maps which trigger memory. Yep, that's the way it works! ...and why I've always liked teaching with maps as visuals. (It's also why Exodus Adventures CD has an Exodus landscape to fly through.)

Back in the early days of Rotation, if the story warranted it, we would convert a space into a Map Workshop. In some churches, the Bible Skills and Games Workshop did that. Maps can make great games.

Note: The time requirements for students to create an Exodus Google Map can be daunting, especially for younger students (grades 3 would be the youngest to do this with). But you can create the basic maps IN ADVANCE of class, and have the kids fill out the details. Add photos of the locations for effect.

Post links to these maps at your church website and publish in the newsletter so the adults can see what your kids are doing.

Ilumina Bible CD/DVD

 In addition to having Exodus maps, it also has several animations of Exodus events, and some photos.

While you might not want to have groups of kids explore it, it would make a wonderful program for THE TEACHER TO PRESENT WITH, especially if you have a large monitor or LCD data projector you can hook up to a computer. Have them use it to illustrate a Bible study in any workshop. Also good for children's worship lessons.

 "Ilumina" software is no longer in print, another option is "The Glo Bible" which also has map content.


If you have other software ideas, please post them by reply!

<>< Neil


Disclosure: Standard reminder that I own a Christian software company. The Rotation board has generously invited my software suggestions and lessons, which is much appreciated. My work with software grew out of my work with the Rotation Model. Your own reviews, ideas, lesson suggestions are welcome. <>< Neil

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