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Reply to "COMPUTER Workshop Lessons & Ideas about Peter and Cornelius, Peter's Rooftop Vision"

<< Computer Lab Idea for CORNELIUS >>

Imagine how the guy had to EXPLAIN himself to others. He's superiors, his men in the barracks. Imagine him explaining to his "household" why he wanted them baptized.

and...What would some of his peers (unbelievers) have said to him about wanting to be baptized?

Cornelius has a lot of explaining to do ...his boss, the other soldiers, and even some of the Jews and Christians who might not believe he has converted!

Computer lab software/ideas:

  1. Create a set of new scripture verses where Cornelius explains himself. Try to create one verse as a "Memory Verse". Edit this new memory verse into Cal & Marty's Scripture Memory Game.

  2. Use Let's Talk to retell the story from CORNELIUS' point of view. Create an animated character in that program to be Cornelius and write him dialog which the computer program will have him speak out loud. This can be done simply enough in the "Talk Now" module, or more elaborately in the "Lesson Builder" module complete with 3 spoken Quiz questions and 3 spoken questions for discussion.

    2020 Update: Neil has donated several of his Sunday Software programs to be downloaded free-of-charge by our supporting members. They include the above two software titles: Cal and Marty's Scripture Memory Game and Let's Talk.  Learn more and get the software.

  3. Use Kid Pix 4 (or 3D) to draw the faces of all the people Cornelius had to answer to. Add text (which Kid Pix 4 can speak out loud) of their protestations against Cornelius (put-downs about baptism or his new faith).

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