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My thanks to the Rotation Board for encouraging me to start posting some of my computer lab lessons and resources here at In the past, I've largely held off recommending my own stuff because of my role as Exchange Mechanic.

I am the author and owner of many of the following resource(s). I welcome alternative suggestions and improvements. I started teaching with computers in Sunday School at the same time I started doing Rotation (waaay back in 1990). You do not need to do Rotation in order to teach with software, and you do not need to have a computer workshop to do Rotation, but they do go great together!
<>< Neil

Software Choices for Teaching Joseph's Story

1. Quiz Software - "Fall of Jericho" OR "Bible Grand Slam"

Joseph is a huge story with many characters and episodes. Quiz software, such as, Fall of Jericho CD or Bible Grand Slam CD, give you the option to TEST and REINFORCE your student's knowledge of previously taught content.

The other nice thing about creating 30 questions about Joseph in a quiz program, is that six months or a year later you can have your kids GO BACK to REFRESH their memories of your content, and that's an essential step if forming long term memory.

2. Joseph's Story CD

I wrote this game program to take students through the entire story of Joseph. It's called Joseph's Story CD. In fact, I rewrote it as well...making an easier version 2 which I recommend.

Premise: This game functions in your lesson AS your Bible Study.
Students navigate a teenage archaeologist through the ruins of Joseph's "lost palace" and discover that Joseph has left his story behind for others to find.

Prior to diving in, print and give each student my free Student Worksheet. That worksheet functions like a lesson plan and can guide discussion afterwards.

Not gonna lie to you: if the teacher isn't much of a computer gamer, they might think the program is "gamey" (even though it stays ON story.) If the teacher doesn't "get it" or isn't comfortable with computer game, the younger kids could get lost. (Same thing in every other workshop, really. Imagine putting a tone-deaf teacher in the music workshop).

The device of an "adventure game" PULLS kids through the Bible content, exposing them to each key part of the Joseph story, and dropping background notes and discussion questions along the way.

We've made three distinct versions of this program. The first two were more difficult to play. The current edition is much easier and has many option to JUMP to certain parts of the story.

==It's essential that the teacher use the CD's free printed guide from my Sunday Software website (

==It's essential that you have plenty of CLASS TIME to play the game.

==It's essential that you have helpers when using the program with younger children. Teens helpers are a godsend. I have played Joseph with preschoolers! They just needed lots of help. The game's optimal age is 8-16.

SECRET: The student worksheet is really a LESSON PLAN. It's as much for your teachers as it is for your kids. The teacher's guide has even more teaching tips in it.

Now here's a bonus: The kids will want to play the game AGAIN and AGAIN. So now you have yet another way to reinforce the story down the road in your 'after class' free times. You can't do that with an Art project or Drama!!! ....sorry 

3. Kid Pix ..."powerpoint for kids"

This creative illustrating program can be used to create illustrations of KEY SCENES in the Bible story. If you have multiple computers, you can assign key episodes/scenes to different workstations. Work with the kids to do a good illustration, don't just stand back. Add text to the scenes that summarize the point of the scene. Print then discuss.

4. Cal and Marty's Scripture Memory Game CD

Gotta love the Reformer cut-ups in this CD: John "Cal" Calvin and Marty Luther.

Jan Marshall's lesson ABOVE in this forum is a good example of using Cal and Marty to follow up on your Joseph Bible Study with some fun interactive software.

I particularly like the idea of having the students SEARCH FOR KEY VERSES on their own from their Bibles, and then edit them into the Cal game (it has an easy to use verse editor), then playing the verse scramble/unscramble games with their verses.

I also really like the idea of kids INVENTING KEY VERSES of their own! ...a sentence which summarizes an idea in the story.

5. Play and Learn Children's Bible CD

This venerable older CD for preschoolers and 1st graders has two Joseph stories in it: "God Helps Joseph" and "Joseph's Secret Identity". The CD only works up through VISTA however.

The little guys will want to take turns going through each story twice. Pause and discuss the scenes AS YOU GO. Then do the Coloring page activities in the Game Room.

As of the date of this post the above programs are the only software programs available that have Joseph content (other than full Bible softwares). You can find other computer lab lessons on the Rotation Exchange which reference " CD" or "Amazing Bible Expedition CD" but those are long out of print, and no where near as good as the program approaches I've listed above.

<>< Neil

You can find these software programs and their associated free teaching resources at my website

Disclosure Statement:
I am the author of some of these CDs. I appreciate being invited to start posting some of my computer workshop lesson ideas. My work with Bible story software grew out of my work in Rotation. <>< Neil

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