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Joseph in Canaan

Computer Workshop

Summary of Lesson Activities:
The children will learn the story of Joseph through a presentation using Lego characters. They will then use KID PIX to decorate Joseph’s coat. 4th through 5th grade will also write a poem to remind them of Joseph’s story.

Scripture Reference:
Genesis 37:1-36; 39:1-6b

Memory Verse:
Romans 8:28a 

Key Concepts and Life Application:
The children will:

  1. Identify Genesis as the first book in the Old Testament; locating the story in Genesis
  2. Retell the story in their own words – identifying story characters and their feelings.
  3. Explain how jealousy erupted in Joseph’s family. Learn how feelings can separate us from family and friends.
  4. Learn that each of us is a favorite in the eyes of God.
  5. Understand that God loves us and is never separated from us, no matter what happens.

Leader Preparation:

  • Read the scripture ahead of time.
  • Gather the materials.

Supplies List:

  • Bibles – minimally one for every two children.
  • Projector. See Arrival Setup.
  • The Brick Testament, “Joseph is Ambushed,” Slideshow, installed on classroom PC. See references.
  • “Types of Poetry” handout, one for each 4th and 5th grader
  • Add Joseph’s Cloak to Kid Pix on each PC: To find a Joseph's cloak, use an internet search on "Joseph's Coat Coloring Page". Save it as a JPEG. On each computer, login to Kid Pix using a common username ("student"). Click on Add -> Import Background. Locate the picture. Select Fill Canvas without Shrinking/Stretching. Select Also Add To Library
  • Filler Materials: Add Romans 8:28 to Cal & Marty


Opening-Welcome and Introductions
Greet the children and introduce yourself. Wear your nametag. The Shepherd will be taking care of attendance, etc. This can all happen quietly while you are starting your lesson.

Distribute Bibles to each child or every two children.
We are learning about Joseph and his coat of many colors.
This week we are going to view the story in a little different way. I’ve got a slideshow for you from The Brick Testament. This is a website that shows different Bible stories using Legos.
Turn on the projector and start the slide show. You will need to click to make the slide show progress. Below is a script with a minimized picture of the slide show to help you discuss it.
Before we view the slideshow, let’s review where the story is found in the Bible.
Can anyone tell me whether this is in the Old or New Testament? Old
What about the book? Genesis
Genesis is the first book in the Bible. Let’s turn to Genesis, chapter 37, to see where the story is located.
Now, let’s watch the slide show while I read selected verses.
Note: Even though you’ll be reading the story to the students, the exercise of finding the story is still important. We will do this every week. Most 3rd through 5th graders have been given a Bible by Saint Andrews. Encourage them to bring it every Sunday.
Tell the 4th and 5th graders the verse you will be reading and encourage them to find the verse, even though you are reading excerpts of the verses.
All verses below are excerpts from the NIRV Bible. 

Dig-Main Content and Reflection:
Show the Brick Testament version of the story. This can be downloaded to your computer. I modified it to make it more Biblically correct but that is up to you. You do need to send a note to the website owner to request usage so he knows it is being used.

Kid Pix Application
At this time, the class will use Kid Pix to decorate Joseph’s coat. Walk the class through the following steps and then let them have fun.
Note for 4th and 5th grade: In addition to decorating the coat, have them write a poem about Joseph and add it to their picture. Give them the handout describing four simple poem types so they can be thinking as they decorate.

  1. Open Kid Pix (double click the icon or right click and select Open)
  2. Sign is using the "student" user name. This is the same name used in the "Materials" section. If you don’t use this user name, you will not find the “Joseph’s Coat” background
  3. Click on the background icon in “Paint Zone”
  4. Select the folder called “My Backgrounds”
  5. Select the Joseph’s Coat background image
  6. Decorate the coat. If they don’t like it they can start over as many times as they choose.
  7. 4th and 5th grade: Once they’ve decorated their coat, have them add a poem about Joseph to the page.

Filler Time (Use only if you need it)
Use Cal & Marty to practice the memory verse, Romans 8:28. After each child has practiced, they may play any other games on the PCs. 

End with a prayer.

Tidy and Dismissal:
Ask children to help tidy up. Close the door and turn off the lights. Store your materials back in the cabinet.

The visuals for the Bible story were obtained from:

Types of Poems:
Choose one of the following poem formats and write a poem about Joseph. Add this to your picture of the beautiful coat.

Acrostic: The first letters of each line are aligned vertically to form a word. Use JOSEPH for your word. An example is below:
Great and powerful
Over all the earth
Doing wonderful things

Cinquain: Five line poems with the following format with an example below it.
Line 1: Title (noun) - 1 word
Line 2: Description - 2 words
Line 3: Action - 3 words
Line 4: Feeling - 4 words
Line 5: Title - 1 word

Loving, forgiving
Listens to me
Makes me feel safe

Haiku: There are three lines with five syllables in the first line, seven syllables in the second, and five syllables in the third. An example is below:
God is always near
He listens to my prayers
He forgives my sins.

Color Poem: Pick your favorite color from Joseph’s coat. Write about how that color makes you feel. An example is shown below.
Yellow is the color of the sun on a summer day.
Yellow is the sound of a busy bumblebee
Yellow is the taste of a big glass of lemonade
Yellow is the smell of a daisy
Yellow is the feeling of my puppy’s fur
Yellow is a color of energy!

A lesson written by Ann Wright from: St. Andrews Presbyterian Church.
Raleigh, NC 

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