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Daniel and the Lion's Den

Game Idea- Bible Bowling


 See the list of Daniel Trivia questions below.  They could be used with other types of games.

Supplies List:

  • 10 plastic bowling pins
  • Plastic bowling Ball
  • Chalkboard/chalk (or paper/pen)
  • Bibles (as reference)
  • Masking tape (to mark where the pins go)
  • Trivia questions



The Basic Idea:  Kids answer a question and if they get it right, they get to bowl to add points. Points awarded are based both on the answer and the number of pins they knock down.

Divide into teams. Each team answers a question. If they get it right (from memory), one person from that team gets two chances to knock down the pins. If they get it right with help of a reference (bible), they get one chance to knock down the pins. If they get it wrong, no chances.

If it is a “strike” and they have two chances to knock down the pins, set up all 10 pins again for their second chance. If they knock down 9 or less, the second attempt is with the remaining pins.

Alternate teams for the trivia
Let each person have a chance to bowl (alternate turns).


  • 10 points for each correct answer without a reference (from memory).
  • 5 points for correct answers with a reference.
  • One point for every bowling pin knocked down.

Have fun! (See Trivia below)

Daniel and the Lion's Den - Bible Trivia
– Daniel Chapter 6

They don’t have to give all of the answer(s) to get it right. Make up multiple choice answers if needed for the younger ones. Allow them to use a reference (Bible) if needed.

1. What kind of job did Daniel do for King Darius? Daniel 6:2
a. One of 3 Presidents – one of three assistants – one of the men in charge over the land

2. Daniel had an excellent mind, was faithful and distinguished above the other presidents and workers. King Darius was very pleased with Daniel. What job did Darius want Daniel to do next? Daniel 6:3
a. #1 President – set him over the whole realm – oversee over everyone

3. The other presidents and workers wanted to get Daniel into trouble. They knew the only way to do this was to fink fault in his worship of his God. So, what did they do? Daniel 6:6-7
a. Praised the King, “King Darius, Live forever!” – talked him into making a new law

4. What was the new law? Daniel 6:7
a. Anyone that asks anything of any god or man except the King for 30 days shall be thrown in with the lions

5. Did Daniel know about the new law before he started to pray to God? Daniel 6:10
a. Yes

6. How often did Daniel Pray to God? Daniel 6:10
a. 3

7. Where did he pray? Daniel 6:10
a. In his house in front of an open window

8. Is this any different from the way he usually prayed to God? Daniel 6:10
a. No

9. Who found and turned Daniel in for breaking the law? Daniel 6:11
a. The men – the other presidents and workers

10. What was the King’s reaction when he found out Daniel was praying and broke the new law? Daniel 6:14
a. Very distressed – displeased over what he had done – tried to figure out how to save Daniel – labored till the sun went down to rescue Daniel

11. Why didn’t the King change the law to save Daniel? Daniel 6:15
a. It couldn’t be changed

12. When King Darius threw Daniel into the lion’s den, what did Darius say? Daniel 6:16
a. May your God whom you serve all the time save you

13. What sealed the opening of the den of lions? Daniel 6:17
a. A stone – the King sealed it with his signet (a ring used for impressing an owner’s signature on a document)

14. What did King Darius do all night while Daniel was in the lion’s den? Daniel 6:18
a. Stayed up all night – didn’t sleep – worried – fasted (didn’t eat) – no music or dancing girls

15. The next morning King Darius hurried to the lion’s den. He cried out “Daniel, servant of God, did your God save you from the Lions?” What did Daniel say? Daniel 6:21
a. Oh King, live forever – God’s angel shut the lion’s mouth – I am innocent and have done no harm.

16. Was the King really mad or happy that Daniel wasn’t hurt? Daniel 6:23
a. Happy/glad

17. What happened to the men who accused Daniel? Daniel 6:24
a. The King had them, their children, and their wives thrown in the lion’s den – The lions killed them.

18. What royal law did King Darius make after Daniel survived the lion’s den? Daniel 6:26
a. All men shall tremble and fear Daniel’s God – All people should worship Daniel’s God.


A lesson idea from Rachel Haugland from: Elim Lutheran Church

Randall, IA


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