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Parable of the Sower Radio Show

Lesson Outline

(Thanks to another Rotation member for reminding me of this great teaching technique.)

I've been wanting to do the Parable of the Sower as a "radio broadcast" for several reasons:

1. It has many parts, each of which can have "sound effects."

2. It's a big story which needs broken into small pieces.

3. You can easily create a "straight" version, and a "retold" version (life application version).

The Lesson Outline:

1. After introducing and reading through the story, show the students that you have typed the story onto the screen of one of your computers as a ""tele-prompter"script ...with parts. 

2. Divide up the parts then read through the "tele-prompter" script challenging each part to come up with a unique voice or sound. 

You can call your show the "Jesus Farm Report." 

Pause as they read and make suggestions, -especially about the sound effects:

What do plants sound like when they are growing? When they are choking? What do weeds sound like? Birds, etc.

3. Now position a second computer that has a microphone next to the first one you're using as the teleprompter. (Laptops have built-in mikes.)

Record the reading of the tele-prompter script as your "radio broadcast." Then sit back and listen.

4. Finally, discuss and make CHANGES to the tele-prompter script substituting everyday situations and problems for paths/weeds/thorns

For example, where the original script said, "and some of the seed fell upon the hard path,"  substitute the phrase, "and God's Word fell on some hardened hearts." In other words, have your students de-parable-ize the parable to make its meaning plain. 

This is still a radio show, and they will still need to do sound effects. What does Word falling on a hardened heart sound like?

What they will need MOST is for you or your scribe to TYPE INTO THE TELE-PROMPTER SCRIPT the SFX they need to speak!  ...don't count on them remember.

5.  Whisper Prayer Recording

When you're done recording and discussing the outcome, discuss and then invite students to step up to the microphone one-by-one to record their whispered prayer for being more open/good soil/receptive to God's Word.  Play it back with the volume turned WAY UP

Let me put in a plug for downloading a FREE audio recording program called AUDACITY. Audacity allows your students to quickly EDIT out (or edit in) additional content. If an actor messes up, you don't have to start over.

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