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COMPUTER Workshop Lessons & Ideas for Creation

Computer/Software Workshop lesson plans and ideas for teaching Creation in Sunday School.

Post your Sunday School computer lessons and idea for the Story of Creation. Genesis 1 and 2. 7 Days of Creation. Adam and Eve.

Adam and Eve, Garden of Eden, Genesis 2
Bible lessons and ideas about Creation - with Computer, software, interactive stories, games, etc.

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The Creation Story

Computer Lesson 

Software: Use the "Creation Story" found on the Awesome Bible Stories software to teach the children about the seven days of Creation.  

Awesome Bible Stories software program is now available FREE OF CHARGE to download here at to the supporting members of
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Scripture References:

Genesis 1

Lesson Preparation:


Opening- Welcome and Lesson Introduction

Opening Discussion:
Begin by having the children think of something that they made. Have they helped their parents make cookies, or made a gift for a parent at school? Maybe it was a derby car for cub scouts. Ask them what was it like to make these things? Was it easy or hard? Why?

Ask students how it feels to make something creative. (We tend to love what we ourselves make, and grow from the creative process. Certainly Genesis 1 describes God's love for Creation and creative act too!)

Dive into the Software for Scripture and Activities

Go with students into Awesome Bible Story's Creation Story and complete the activities per the handout. 

Take a break from the computers to briefly discuss things on their handout.

Take a moment and describe how your church describes the Creation Story and its relationship to history. Do it in an age-appropriate way. The SOFTWARE takes the point of view from the very beginning that the Creation Story is a powerful poem praising God's creative love and creation. Genesis 1 tries to convey that excitement and grandeur and LOVE of God. As the software says, "it's more important than a history."  


Finish by making a "Gabby Creation Power Poem" (an interactive reflection activity in the program). This activity invites the children to playfully identity the words and excitement of the Genesis 1 scripture and put them together onscreen, then PLAY THEM for the entire class to hear.

Close by having students create a "Creation Prayer" as a group using Gabby Talker, then play the prayer for your closing prayer.


A lesson written by Wendy Sempf with suggestions from Neil MacQueen

Last edited by Luanne Payne
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