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Cathy, I like your idea!
Expressing "brokenness as a consequence of sin" by breaking a cookie is a great idea.
...I was going to say "sweet" but...

It got me thinking about how to expand your cooking/demonstration using something different than cookies (which we tend to fall back on a lot),. ...and that led me to a lenten project I had done years ago --using LIFESAVERS to create stained glass crosses (another great metaphor, don't you think?)

Jesus the Lifesaver: From Brokenness to Restoration

some lesson ideas

The short of it:  
1. Whole lifesavers get BROKEN into pieces.
2. Lifesaver pieces get RESTORED (melted) into a whole shape again.


There are numerous craft/cooking websites that describe making stained glass with broken candies and cookie-cutter shapes.  Importantly, they have how-to instructions, such as, use parchment paper and remember to spray the shape. Here's one:
(If the link goes dead, google "broken candy stained glass.")

The crucial thing in this lesson is that the kids participate in the breaking of the candy --as part of the discussion, then reforming (restoring).

I'd say something about the "hammer" you might use to break the candy. Label the hammer with the kids' suggestions. How does sin "break" people, good intentions, reputations, relationships?

As well, I like this stained glass candy idea because kids can make SEVERAL to GIVE AWAY, and this has "go home" quality, which I'm always looking for.

For discussion before/after:

The lifesavers are different colors, and in your "talk" (demonstration as you pass them out), you and the kids could assign meaning to each color. Green for the beautiful world God created for us, for example.  Yellow and orange and purple are the other lifesaver colors.  Perhaps ADD jolly ranchers to expand pallet (can't believe I just wrote that...hahaha).

{Insert suggestions for the other colors HERE.}

TBD for this lesson idea:
Some ideas for discussing/explaining how the reforming/restoring
process expresses God's Will for creation.
Restoring = Shalom = Reconciliation = Salvation

Scriptural Example of this concept:
Colossians 1:20  "...and through him God reconciled everything to himself. He made peace with everything in heaven and on earth by means of Christ's blood on the cross."

Also....thinking out loud about how to describe the melting process in biblical terms:

Is 61:1 (the Messiah declares) "he has sent me to heal the broken hearted." Jesus quotes this in Luke 4.

Ezekiel 22:22 describes "melting" (smelting) of people like silver is smelted in a fire. This purifies the silver. 

Other verses in the OT describe hearts/people "melting" before the Lord. his presence is a refining fire.  Our broken candy is like a hardened heart.

The cross/heart shape is a "bind" (form). God binds up wounds (Ps 147).

Bless be the tie that binds (restores, ties back together, reconciles).


The story of the Fall...Adam and Eve being thrown out of the Garden, is not devoid of Grace. There are two points of Grace in the Genesis story:

1. God waits until the evening breeze and calls their names ...knowing full well what they have done and where they are! 

2. God makes them clothing to cover their shame and goes with them into the world outside of the Garden (Emmanuel)

Thanks again Cathy for your inspiration.


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