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Reply to "COOKING Lessons & Ideas for Isaiah foretells the Messiah"

Originally Posted by CreativeCarol:

I must be missing something... (it wouldn't be the first time)... but sticking gummy people through the bottom of a cupcake?? Poor gummy people. Stuffed up into the darkness of a cupcake!


Perhaps instead it could be cutting the cupcakes in half (to expose the "light") in the middle and then sticking a gummy person as though "walking" in this "light" ?? 


BTW: the video shows filling cupcakes from the top -- which makes sense as otherwise you'd be poking a hole in the cupcake liner thingy. 


Carry on.




At 3:40 in the video she says "insert from bottom to conceal the hole."


It's a common way to create filled cupcakes. 



I would use a 'dark' chocolate cupcake, and fill with white icing to illustrate the verse.


Regarding the Gummy Bears inside the cupcakes...


I saw a recipe that said this:

  • Freeze the gummy bears.
  • Fill the cupcake paper half full with batter
  • Add gummy bear
  • Finish filling the cupcake paper and bake.

I really like the Fortune Cookie idea too...because it contains a message.

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