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COOKING Workshop Lessons and Ideas for Prodigal Son

Cooking Lessons, Ideas, Activities, and Resources for the Prodigal Son

Post your Sunday School cooking lessons, ideas, activities, and resources for the Prodigal Son here.

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Including: Prodigal son, Lost son, Older brother, Father, Lost and Found, Luke 15:11-32, etc.

Bible lessons and ideas about the Prodigal Son -with Cooking, Food, Bible Foods, Recipes, Baking, Preparation, etc.

Cooking Workshop

Prodigal Son Pig Slop Lesson 

I took an idea from another posting and added the rest of the lesson.  

Summary of Lesson Activities:
Making pig slop and decorating cookies to illustrate the lesson. 

Lesson Objective: 
The students will gain a deeper understanding of the hard decision that the Prodigal Son had to make while he was in the pig’s pen. 

Scripture Reference:
Luke 15: 15 – 20.


  • Sugar Cookies in a heart shape
  • Bibles
  • Decorations
  • Small cooking pot and spoon
  • Cornstarch      
  • Plastic Ziploc baggies
  • Food coloring      
  • Food scraps
  • Water        
  • measuring cups

Leader Preparation:

  • Read the scripture ahead of time.
  • Gather the materials.

Lesson Plan 

Opening - Welcome and Lesson Introduction:       

Welcome the students and ask them what they know about the Prodigal Son.  Explain that today we are going to focus on the decision the son had to make when he was with the pigs. 

Paraphrase the story up until the part where he is eating with the pigs and start to read from Luke 15: 15 – 20.   You might say something like: 

Jesus wanted to teach lessons to the people and in order to do that he told parables, which were stories.   One day, Jesus was sitting with the tax collectors, whom everyone hated, and the sinners.  The Pharisees, who thought they were better than everyone else, were appalled that Jesus would spend time with these people. 

Jesus tells the story of a young man who asks his father for his inheritance, something he should not get until his father dies.  His father gives it to him and he runs off to the city and spends it all.  He is not very smart and ends up with no money or food.  He has to ask someone for a job.  What job does he get?  (Feeding the pigs.) 

Dig - Main Content and Reflection: 

Read Luke 15: 15 – 20.  

As a Jewish man, this was an unthinkable job.  Do you know why?  According to Moses’ law, pigs were unclean animals.  (Take a quick peek at Leviticus 11:2-8 and/or Deuteronomy 14:8.)  This meant that pigs could not be eaten or used for sacrifices.  To protect themselves from defilement, Jews would not even touch pigs.  For a Jew to stoop to feeding pigs was a great humiliation, and for this young man to eat food that the pigs had touched was to be degraded beyond belief. 

Today, I want you to think about the decision he needed to make.  Why would he want to go back to his father?  (He realized even his father’s servants were treated better than he is now.)  Why would he not want to go back?  (He was embarrassed that he spent all the money.  He realized he was wrong and was scared to ask his father to forgive him.) 

We are going to make the pig slop as well as a heart cookie to think about what it was like to make that decision. 

 Make the slop and decorate the cookies!

The slop is basically one part cornstarch to two parts water and whatever else you might want to throw in (apple or carrot peelings, etc., a little food color for effect).
Heat the water and cornstarch to boiling until cornstarch dissolves and thickens. Throw in the rest of the yuck.

It makes a thoroughly disgusting slime. We let kids who wanted to take it home. The biggest problem was getting them to stop with the slime and decorate the cookies. 

In the end, please remind the children, that Jesus sees us as this son.  We often make mistakes and turn away from our Father, God.  We need to go back to him and ask for forgiveness.  (Take time for God!  - Go to church, pray, just spend a moment talking to Him.  He will listen to you and forgive you!) 


End with a prayer.

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