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Reply to "COOKING Workshop Lessons and Ideas for Prodigal Son"

The following is a fragment of a discussion and list of ideas saved from a previous Cooking discussion held elsewhere on the Exchange:



I agree with ZBCC.  Making "pigs in a blanket" for the Prodigal Son cooking lesson sounds cute but doesn't make teaching or theological sense. How do pigs in a blanket teach the story?  Would you make a pig covered by a blanket in an Art workshop lesson?  Probably not. 

Now I could see pigs in a blanket as ONE of MANY food items in a Prodigal Feast you could create. There are other 'feast' cooking lessons at Essentially, the kids make numerous food items, each of which has some teaching significance in the story... a visual representation of a scene or character or particular meaning in the story. After preparation, the kids then sit down and retell the story with their teacher by "eating their way through it".  This is a SEDER concept.

Prodigal Feast ideas:

Wasted money = ? Something that disappears when cooked. 

Pigs in a blanket = wrong living. Dip them in mustard?

Humble pie turnover = confession, turn around, with a hidden surprise.

Restoration  = sweet rolls in the shape of shoes and rings.

Sour patch = older brother

Stay home with God! = a sticky bun

Feel free to add more/improve!!


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