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Reply to "COOKING Workshop Lessons and Ideas for the Beatitudes"

Beatitude Sandwich Ingredient Ideas

I'm thinking of some kind of SANDWICH or Recipe assembly project where each ingredient represents a word in the Beatitudes, or at least starts with the same letter (memory lesson).

Poor - empty  (pepper or a shaker of nothing)

Mourn - perhaps "know what they have lost" (lettuce)

Meek - Humble  (ham)

Righteousness - made right with God (mustard)

Merciful - Kind/forgiving  (mayo? napkin?)

Pure in heart - perhaps "made clean" is better translation  (wash hands before eating)

Peacemakers - pepperonis are round like peace symbol

Strong Faith/Brave (persecuted) - you are the salt

Put them all together on a Beatitude Bun.

Does this lesson idea sound intriguing? (It does to me!) That's why I'm headed over to the Writing Team's Hero Sandwich lesson, where this idea is expanded into a full-blown Cooking Workshop!

A yummy way to make a lesson with a lunch!
A yummy way to have a lesson while making lunch!

Note: You must be a Supporting Member to access Writing Team lessons. It's the best money you'll ever spend. So little for a year of access!  All of those benefitsSign me up!


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