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Reply to "Cooking Workshop Lessons and Ideas for David and Goliath"

David and Goliath

Cooking Workshop


Summary of Lesson Activities:

Students will make ice cream cone cup cakes to demonstrate that things are not always the way they seem. Students will learn that we should have faith in God at all times.

  • Things are not always the way they look.
  • We should always have faith in God, and not doubt.

Scripture Reference:
1 Samuel 16-17

Supplies List:
  • 2 gifts (explained below)
  • Cake mix
  • Ingredients needed for cake.

Teacher Preparation:

  • Read the scripture ahead of time. 
  • Gather the materials.


Opening-Welcome and Lesson Introduction:
Greet the children and introduce yourself. 
Open with a prayer.
Dig-Main Content and Reflection:

Lesson Plan

1. Show two gifts. One gift is colorful, sparkly, shiny, etc. The other is worn and dull looking. Talk about the two gifts with the students, what each one looks like, etc. Ask the students which one they would rather have and why. Ask the students if they doubt that there is anything good in the dull looking gift. (Students will most likely choose the colorful gift. If not, prompt them somehow to do so.)

2. Have two students help you open the gifts. Inside the colorful gift they will find trash. Inside the dull looking gift, they will find cones for ice cream cones. Then, ask the students which one they would rather have.
Lead a brief discussion about how it looked like the colorful gift would be the one they would want, and how the dull gift would not be wanted. But, it was really just the opposite. Tell the students that things are not always the way they seem. Ask them if anyone doubted the contents of the dull looking gift? Ask, have any of you ever thought that you knew what was going to happen, but then you were wrong, and something else happened?

EX: You thought you were going to get a bad grade, and you got a good one, or you thought you were going to strike out, and you got a home run?

3. Put the gifts aside, and ask students what they think they’re going to do with the ice cream cones? (Students will most likely say that they’re going to make ice cream cones.) Remind students that, just like with the gifts, things are not always the way that they seem. Tell the students that today, they’re actually going to make cupcakes in ice cream cones, that will look like ice cream cones.

4. Split into two groups. Follow the cake mix directions on the box, and prepare the cake batter. Help students to fill each cone ¾ full. Bake them.

5. While the cones are baking, read and discuss the story of David and Goliath.
  • What was David’s job? (shepherd)
  • Where was David from? (Bethlehem in Israel)
  • Was David a big person or a little person? (little person)
  • Who was Goliath’s job? (a soldier)
  • Where was Goliath from? (Philistine)
  • Was Goliath a big person or a little person? (a big person – a giant)
  • Who thought he was the best soldier in his army? (Goliath)
  • Who wanted to fight Goliath? (David)
  • Who had a sword, a spear, and a dagger? (Goliath)
  • What did David use to fight with? (a slingshot)
  • Who did you think was going to win the battle? (Goliath)
  • Who won the battle? (David)
  • How did David win the battle? (Because he had faith in God and fought in the name of the Lord)
  • What was it about David that you think made God want to pick him and help him win the battle?  (God looks at their heart)
Draw a big picture of a heart and write inside it the things the students think God wants to find in our hearts.
Now write some things the students think will lead to having a healthy faith heart. For older students, you may even draw arteries that feed into the heart.  What brings life and nourishment to our faith and courage to be the right kind of person?

6. The cones should be cooled. Have the students decorate them.
You might consider having a variety of ingredients to DECORATE WITH --each of which you give a symbolic meaning.  Candy hearts. Red hots. Sugar crystals (the Word is sweet). 
Have the children assist with cleanup.
Pray the following prayer, the enjoy eating:

Dear God,
Help us to have the faith of David who trusted you enough to stick his neck out. Help us to have the courage of David to always do the right thing. Help us to have the courage of David to stand up for others and bring honor to you.  Also, thank you very much for these cupcakes. They look really good. Amen.

A lesson plan written by Julie Buckman from: Cargill United Methodist Church
Janesville, WI. 

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