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Postings regarding costume ideas consolidated from another topic:

McCalls and Simplicty have patterns

Posting by ‘dana’ - posted July 23, 2001
McCalls and Simplicty have patterns for making "biblical costumes" - JoAnn fabrics usually has one or the other on sale for a dollar or so -especially now when people are starting to think about making Halloween and Christmas costumes.. This is a great way to get those people who sew in your church involved in workshops! Just put out the word.

Posting by Joyce Kline - posted January 03, 2002
It is very hard to find the children's pagent patterns but you can order them on line from Simplicity.  It was very easy and much faster than going back to the fabric store time and time again.

Posting by Holly Hitchcock - posted July 29, 2001
I found that McCalls has a great pattern for both Easter and Navitivy clothes for Kids the come S-M-L-XL. There simple to make, a few straight seams and you are done. I find the L and XL fit most kids. Put a belt on to make shorter for the younger children.

Using choir gowns or church robes

Posting by Holly Hitchcock - posted July 29, 2001
Also I use the children's choir robes. Why spend all that money for use them may be once a month. Old Acolyte robes work good too. We also have a living Nativity, I happen to be the director. Use a lot of their props and costume, why have something that only get use once a year. Also I started with a set of kid Nativity Costume, again why only use once a year.

I church has a new idea we are one, so we should share all we have with each other. Look and see what other groups have in the church.   Hope this is helpful.

Making simple robes

Posting by Jan FPC Napa - posted July 24, 2001
Making simple robes - Rather than robes, we opted for a simpler style. Take a long rectangle piece of fabric, fold in half (putting the 2 shorter ends together), cut a V shape for the neck hole. You can hem or zigzag stitch the 4 sides and the neck area if you want. The length of the fabric depends on how tall your kids are ... we did a variety of sizes. Then use rope for belts or make belts using a long strip of fabric. It's more of a tunic style but a whole lot simpler to make. I made about a dozen in a couple hours.

Posting by Jamie Derden - posted July 26, 2001
Your tunic idea also would make it easier to keep your costumes hung up in an orderly fashion. Seems I spend about 30 minutes every week rescuing costumes from the bottom of our closet. Kids hang them up, but they slide right off the hangers! From now on, we're doing tunics!

Posting by Jan FPC Napa - posted July 30, 2001
Mary, if you need lots in a hurry, don't do any hemming on the sides ... the kids will never notice! You can always (over time) take care of the frayed edges. For now, just cut those holes for their heads and get some soft rope from Home Depot for belts. We even ended up with some yards of fabric pieces that we never got around to making into costumes and the kids like to just use them as "wrap-around" style costumes! Kids are much less picky than we adults!   Jan

posted by Amy Crane - posted September 10, 2001
Another reason for tunics and sleeveless robes is there are less complaints about being too hot with a costume on over church clothes.

Making simple head coverings

Posting by Barbara in Portland - posted September 07, 2001
This may be too late, but for head coverings, we use old panty hose to hold a piece of fabric on the head-shepherd style. Just cut 3 legs and braid, tie together. Nice and stretchy and easy to get on and off. Even if a child does not have a robe, a headpiece is helpful.

posted by Amy Crane - posted September 10, 2001
For holding on headdresses, go to Walmart or any discount store and buy stretchy elastic headbands. They are much easier than trying to tie something, even for preschoolers.
If you can, hang a full length mirror in the classroom so everyone can primp! Smile

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