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Daniel in the Lions’ Den Script


Daniel, King Darius, Satraps and Administrators (any number of them; abbreviated “SA"), lions, guard, narrator


Puppets or Actors?
This play can be done with puppets using the large puppet theatre (6 feet long) and also the small one. The large theatre could have the king’s palace at one end, and the smaller cardboard puppet theater could be the window of Daniel’s room and also the lions’ den. Place the small theatre near the end of large one farthest from the “palace”. If you prefer, you could simply do this as a play with a change of settings and actors instead. It is written as if done with puppets. You will have to adapt the script for the younger children who cannot read all of it. The king has the most reading to do. For non-readers, perhaps have a teacher read parts as children do the puppet actions, or write it more simply.

Scene I

[King Darius is sitting in his palace, and the guard escorts the group of SA in to see him.]
SA: “O king, live forever!”

KING: “May I help you?”

SA: “Yes! We want you to sign this wonderful new law. It says no person may pray to anyone but you for the next 30 days.”

KING: “Sounds like a great idea! I will sign it.” [He signs the law with the imprint of his seal.]
Scene II

NARRATOR: “Daniel knew about the new law, but he continued to pray at least three times a day. He gave thanks to God, as he always had done.”

[The SA group walks silently to Daniel’s house and secretly watches him. He is at the window praying. Then they walk back to the king’s palace and knock at the gate.]

SA: “O king, live forever!”

KING: “May I help you?”

SA: “Remember that new law you just signed?”

KING: “Yes..”

SA: [Different members of the group say the various things.] “Daniel is breaking the law!” “He is praying to his god, and not to you, O king!” “He still prays three times a day!”
KING: [He bows his head and moans sadly.] “The law cannot be changed. Guard, I guess you’ll have to bring Daniel and meet me at the lions’ den.”

Scene III
[The guard brings Daniel out of his house and to the King. Then the room darkens as the theatre that was Daniel’s house is changed into the lions’ den. Tape brown paper onto the outside of the cardboard theatre. Have ready a large, round piece of brown butcher paper that will be the “rock” with which the den is sealed for the night.]

[As the scene opens, the guard takes Daniel to the lions den and pushes him into the opening from the outside. Some lions have already been seen and heard in the den by the audience, so the den appears very threatening.]


KING: “Daniel, may your God, whom you serve continually, rescue you!”
[The guard places (tapes) the paper “stone” over the mouth of the den, and the lions STOP roaring, but the king is already walking sadly back to the palace. All night long (Darken the room and shine a spotlight on the “sky” above the palace.) the king paces back and forth in front of the palace, moaning softly.

Show that morning has come by increasing the room light.]

KING: [in front of the lions’ den] “Guard, unseal the den.” “Daniel? Daniel! Daniel, servant of the living God, has your God, whom you serve continually, been able to rescue you from the lions?”


DANIEL: “O king, live forever! My God sent his angel, and he shut the mouths of the lions. They did not hurt me. I am innocent in God’s eyes, and I have never done you wrong, O king.”

KING: [joyfully] “Take him out of the den!”

[As he is taken out, Daniel shows the king that he has not a scratch on him. The king points to the now-frightened SA, and the guard takes them to the den as the lions continue roaring. The SA are sealed in the den.]

KING: “I hereby decree that all people in every part of my kingdom must fear and reverence the God of Daniel, for he is the living God!”

Discussion questions:

1. (Possibly, this could be saved for a journal question.) Daniel continued to do what was right and good and he continued to pray even when other people did not like what he did, and even when it was against the law. Daniel always obeyed God’s laws. Tell about a time when you did the right thing even though it was hard to do.

2. Praying was one of the most important things Daniel did in his life. How can prayer help you know God better? What are some ways people pray? (ANS: Thanksgiving, praise & worship, asking for help for others, asking for help for themselves are some ways people pray. The Holy Spirit helps us pray when we ask Him for help, and as we commune with God, also reading and remembering Bible words we know, God helps us to know His will and His ways.)

3. Daniel 6:10 says “Three times a day [Daniel] got down on his knees and prayed…” Why do you think he was on his knees? Must we pray on our knees? (ANS: Being on his knees was his way of bowing humbly before God, acknowledging his need of God and honoring God. We don’t have to pray on our knees, however. We can pray in any position, at any time or any place. Sometimes it good to have a special place and a way that you pray in an attitude of humility and adoration toward God.)

4. Daniel told the king he was innocent and blameless; we call that having a “clear conscience”. How can a person have a clear conscience before God and before other people? (ANS: Always admit to God when you’ve done wrong, ask God’s forgiveness, and ask for help to do the right thing. Also admit to other people when you’ve wronged them, and ask their forgiveness. Ask God to help you do that and to help you behave right toward other people. We all need that help.)

5. Daniel was known for praying for his people, the Jewish people, to be forgiven of their sins and to be able to return to their own land. God answered Daniel’s prayer, and the people did finally return to their land after being captives for 70 years. Can you think of any ways God has answered your prayers?


A Script by Gail Smith


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