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David and Goliath

Video and Art Ideas

The Boy Who Faced His GiantThe Boy Who Faced His Giant

CD/DVD by Madacy Entertainment Group, 2006,
UPC 0628261271825

Something different and fun! Two music CD’s, 35 songs on each. All the old Sunday school songs like “Father Abraham, David Play Your Harp, Wise Man Built His House Upon a Rock, etc.

But the cool part is the bonus DVD: A 12-minute movie on David & Goliath where all the characters are Paper Bag Puppets. A young boy's giant is the rope in gym class. It was a total hoot. Has a wonderful message about courage/faith, and I honestly chuckled all the way through.

Available through your local Christian Bookstore or or (Be careful that what you are ordering is both the CD and the DVD.)

Link to a trailer of the video. 

Link To List of Songs on CD.

How to incorporate the paper bag puppets into your Rotation:


Have each child make a paperbag puppet. Have supplies set out for the different characters. Have a hat were they draw out which character they’re to each make so you end up with at least all the major characters, possibly everyone could do one character and one sheep for example.

DVD includes a bonus feature where you’re shown how to make one of the simple puppets – this could be shown to the children as well


Show the short bonus film and then have the kid's pick out scenes from a hat and put on their own show, using the puppets made in Art.

Video tape scenes using a video camera or do freeze scene shots using a digital camera to replay later.

Have older children make up their own script. With younger children you narrate the story and have them act it out.

Bonus feature on the DVD: shows them making the video.


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